I am back with another episode of “Game Shows I Suppose” this time talking about Jeopardy! I spend a good chunk of time talking about “Jeopardy!” and it’s many spin-offs : Sports Jeopardy, Rock and Roll Jeopardy, and Jep! as well as start talking so much I sound like I am getting a cold!

Also, on Pricing Game Spotlight - Bonus Game!

1 vs 100

Welcome to the first episode of “Game Shows, I Suppose” where each episode I ramble about a game show as much as possible, until I exhaust myself or start losing my train of thought.

Each episode chronicles a new game show, and what makes the show good (or bad) and what could be done in a revival or made better.

In this first episode, 1 vs 100 is discussed, as well as in our first part of the 110-Part Series “Pricing Game Spotlight”, a journey into the first Pricing Game ever played on The Price is Right - ANY NUMBER.