The Apprentice w/ Matt Christman


Chapo goes on “Game Shows”, as New York Times Best Selling Author, Famous Twitch Streamer and Game Show Prize Winner Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House joins Jordan in a discussion about the game show that made The President of the United States who he was, rather or not it could have been prevented, and if there is a possible way to get a time machine to fix any of this (Spoilers: Nope) Feel free to check out more episodes of Chapo Trap House through their Patreon.

Also, “Mystery Price” is featured on Pricing Game Spotlight, but i gotta tell ya, it went by pretty I had to introduce a brand new segment called “The Rich List” and take a look at 7 Cancelled Game Shows Networks Need to Reboot.

Don’t forget the ongoing social media campaign to get me an audition to host the revival of the game show “Card Sharks” - #JordanForCardSharks