Release The Hounds w/ Shannon Strucci

It’s a SPOOOOOOKY episode of Game Shows, I Suppose as Shannon Strucci from StrucciMovies, Critical Bits and Struggle Session stops by to talk about the Horror-themed game show “Release The Hounds”, where you have to go through scary games before being chased by hungry dogs! Fun!

And if that isn’t scary enough, “Pricing Game Spotlight” introduces people to the scariest person on The Price is Right… Professor Price!

Shannon will be doing a DnD Panel with co-host Shelby from Critical Bits over at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta, Georgia going on from July 12-14th! Get your tickets at

Takeshi's Castle w/ Josh McCloud

Happy America Day Everybody (okay it’s July 3rd most likely at the time of this upload) so what better way to celebrate America’s Birthday than with FOREIGN GAME SHOW FORMATS!

Today’s main course is a deep-dive of the Japanese Game Show “Takeshi’s Castle”, the show that most Americans only know from it’s re-dubbed “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” or “MXC”, and there is only one person for the job - TAKESHI’S CASTLE SUPERFAN (And Game Show Fans Co-Host) JOSH MCCLOUD! And if you liked him here, please check him out on the Cartoncast talking Filmore!

Then, we review TWO british formats - one is the “crank-call” based game show “Hey Tracey” and the other is the brain-study-doc-turned-game-format “Family Brain Games” featuring a more lax Dara O’Brien!

And finally, on the pricing game spotlight, we take a look at Secret “X” - the game where you only have a 66.6% chance of winning at best!

Help Josh with the BGM Challenge right here

Funny You Should Ask w/ Travis Griffin and Kimberly Dana


The Blue Ribbon Podcast Award Winner for “Best Game Show Podcast” is back, and we are welcoming not one, but TWO guests this week! KImberly Dana (Common Knowledge) and Travis Griffin (Ellen’s Game of Games) stop on by to talk about their love of game shows, turning it into a job working on game shows, and turning that same passion into a charity event July 27th at the Hyatt Place in Glendale, California!

We also talk about “Funny You Should Ask”, the syndicated game show that promises “21 laughs an episode” and the real geniuses are the people in the audience.

Also, we do DOUBLE DUTY with reviews!

First, we watch “Spin The Wheel” on FOX, the show that the game show fandom hates because it reminds them of “The Wall” because… Big Spin? Wheel of Fortune? I don’t know. I just think it’s that episode of “Rocko’s Modern Life” where Philbert is “Mr. Lucky” and spins the big honkin’ wheel!

Next, we also watch “Holey Moley” on ABC, the only thing Steph Curry was able to be “#1” in this summer! (Too Soon?) The Mini-Golf Course that might be that spot between “Oh Sit” and “Wipeout”.

And finally, in the “Pricing Game Spotlight” - we are giving you all a BIG HUG with Squeeze Play!

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The Briefcase w/ Bryan Quinby


Street Fight has come to Game Shows, I Suppose! As MurderBryan aka Bryan Quinby joins Jordan in a discussion of “The Worst Game Show” - a CBS Reality Series where a couple in a economic downturn must debate rather or not to be charitable to another couple, who are also in a financial ruin. Fun. This was bought on Amazon Prime Video, and immediately afterwards, I saw Bosch instead.

Yes, it’s the “That’s a Capitalism” guy from MeansTV! Please check them out, and also his friends over at Chapo Trap House!

As if that can’t be enough, we have TWO reviews to get through!

“Card Sharks” is back on ABC! Joel McHale is hosting. Is it everything Jordan could want in Card Sharks in 2019? Is the next card higher or lower than a six of hearts? And how many dentists have cavities? Only one of these questions will be answered.

Also, in Streaming Media, Netflix has a new show called “Awake: The Million Dollar Challenge” and Jordan will try and tell you why it’s his favorite game show set inside the Abandoned IKEA in Burbank, California! Don’t Sleep on this one, or maybe you can, I heard people do fall asleep listening to this podcast.

And in the “Pricing Game Spotlight”, we get the putter out, and scream HOLEY MOLEY, as it is time for “Hole in One (or Two)” featuring inspirational putts, from me, an inspirational putz.



Let's Make a Deal w/ Josh Eldridge

This is a very very long and important episode of “Game Shows, I Suppose” as Josh Eldridge stops by to try and discuss every version of the “decision-making” game show “Let’s Make a Deal”, from it’s origins in nightclubs, to going to several networks, to a craptacular 90s version, to a craptacular version with “The Trump Bus Guy”, to the perfectly made improvisational music and adorable version with Wayne Brady on CBS Daytime!

And just when you think nearly TWO HOURS of let’s make a deal talk is enough, it is sandwiched between two game show reviews! - One is the John Cena helmed “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”? and the other is the highly anticipated “Press Your Luck” with Elizabeth Banks for ABC Summer Fun & Games!

And finally, “Switcheroo” is in the Pricing Game Spotlight, and please send over ideas for what to do in case #JordanForCrystalMaze doesn’t actually workout…

Power of 10 w/ Bob Hagh

It’s the big conclusion of Game Show Marathon week! And in our FRIDAY BONUS EPISODE, Bob Hagh stops by to talk about the polling-based game show with a top prize of $10,000,000 - The Power of 10!

Please check Bob out on Twitch where he is collecting Shiny Pokemon, and going all-in on the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

On the Pricing Game Spotlight this week - we are taking a look at “Bullseye” (the one with the large target and grocery items, not the one with the higher-lower guesses)

And throughout the episode, Jordan decides to get opinionated. Very opinionated. Watch him burn some bridges TONIGHT!

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire? w/ Rich Liebig

It is Game Show Marathon week and Rich Liebig from The Crispy Noodle is stopping by to talk about the 24 Hour Game Show Marathon, running a comedy podcast, (that is also on apple podcasts) what made people love “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and having Dueling Regis impersonations.

“Dice Game” is in the Pricing Game Spotlight.

We end not just Holzwatch, but Jordan’s latest campaign to host a game show… RIP #JordanForCrystalMaze

And finally, check out the Game Show Marathon June 8-9, and please donate to Child’s Play.

American Ninja Warrior w/ Scott Benson


Scott Benson is well known for all sorts of projects, including the indie-game classic “Night in the Woods” , and the animated collective known as “Late Night Work Club” and the worker co-op “The Glory Society” talks about ethical consumption under capitalism, why game workers need to unite, and strategies to beat the rotating barrel thing. From it’s dark origins on extended-cable catering towards “gamers” and “geeks”, to it’s success on a major network, we look into American Ninja Warrior, which has a new season premiering tonight at 8pm on NBC.

Also, Safe Crackers is talked about on Pricing Game Spotlight, but we don’t have the rights to “The Pink Panther” theme.

We also have a schedule for the SUMMER GAME SHOW LINE-UP!


Thanks again to Scott for stopping by and talking about American Ninja Warrior (and it’s many incarnations, like Ninja vs Ninja, Team Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Jr.) check him out on twitter @bombsfall and together, we can BEAT THAT WALL!

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Show Me The Money w/ Mike Klauss


What Game Show…

A, B or C?

A) … hosted by William Shatner is the discussion of tonight’s episode?
Show Me The Money

B) … “Pricing Game” from “The Price is Right” has a “yodely guy” and is featured on the Pricing Game Spotlight tonight?
Cliff Hangers

C) …is ending after nearly twenty years on television, is getting a Eulogy at the end of the episode?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Trivia expert Mike Klauss, creator of a quiz podcast called “Switch It Up” stops on by to talk about trivia questions, what does it mean to fail, and how to pronounce “Julianne Hough”. As we do the salsa, and answer questions about salsa, while dancing to the catchy theme song to “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

Also, check out the “25 Hour Game Show Throwdown” July 27th at Noon Pacific!

Dilemma w/ Abby Denton


It’s a night of firsts, as America’s answer to Sue Perkins, Abby Denton from the podcast sitcom Cyber Cafe stops by to talk about the Radio 4 Panel Game Show “Dilemma” and together face some harsh decisions like their futures and dreams and goals, also, what is the best Digimon.

And in our Pricing Game Spotlight this week, Hurdles, the pricing game that breaks down a bunch.

You could order it here (The Complete Series will be out August 15)

Lingo w/ Danny Louis


It’s not just letters… It’s Lingo. Jordan brings on Danny aka gameshowfan2001 to the only existent game show podcast to talk about his favorite game show, Lingo. Learn about it’s origins, figure out the five letter words, and solve the puzzle of what happened to Chuck Woolery in this exciting episode that’s NOT QUILTY.

Also, we go to the ball game on Pricing Game Spotlight with “3 Strikes”

And finally, we review the Netflix show “Flinch”, the equivalent of that dude that keeps punching you in the arm because you flinch when you fear getting punched in the face.

WCG Ultimate Gamer w/ ALTON


It’s “Game On” or “Game Over” as Alton from “Video Games Are The Worst Thing on Earth” stops by to talk about “World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer” that aired on the Science-Fiction Channel in 2010. What does being the best at paintball have to do with being the best at e-sports? Who knows! But one thing is for sure, maybe we shouldn’t identify ourselves by the things we consume.

Speaking of consumption, there is a “Funko Pop Corner” in this episode, and we also have another entry in the “Pricing Game Spotlight” - DANGER PRICE!

All this and audience members explaining the 2019 version of Card Sharks, tonight!

Naked Attraction w/ Stephanie Bee

Stephanie Bee, internet curator, and host of the podcast “Ephemera” stops by to talk about the dating show that’s about what’s on the outside, all of it, and how we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

In “Pricing Game Spotlight” the simple pricing game known as “One Right Price” and we conclude with ANOTHER visit to “The Rich List” and find out what game shows should be revived.

The most dangerous game show podcast is back, tell your friends about it!

The Price is Right w/ Max Mayer


Drummer for the MLB (Mitch Live Band) Professional Gamer for BazizioGaming, and very good twitch buddy Max Mayer stops by to talk about the ORIGINAL version of the iconic game show hosted by Bill Cullen from 1956! Will we walk out of here with an elephant?

Then we fast-forward to the modern day with “Poker Game” on the pricing game spotlight.

And we conclude with current events involving packaging deals and the WGA.

Max wants you to be at BugCon, June 8th and 9th at the Burbank Airport Mariott

Big Break w/ Ben Paddon


Ben Paddon (Game of Rassilon, Portscenter, Life Toyetic), authentic British Man, Funny Comedian, and Decade-long friend of Jordan, joins him in discussing the snooker-based quizzer “Big Break” and try and figure out if something as nerdy as trivia can ever be balanced with sports.

Oh, and “Million Dollar Mile” is reviewed, finally?

Oh, and “Golden Road” is in the Pricing Game Spotlight this week.

Oh, and a WHOLE BUNCH OF GAME SHOW NEWS fell on my lap again!

Oh, and Jordan is NOT hosting Card Sharks (It’s Joel McHale)

Oh, and The Crystal Maze MIGHT come to the United States (hey, producers, give me a call!)

Family Feud w/ Matty Smith


Bazizio Gamer Matty Smith (Unikitty, Little Big Awesome) joins Jordan in the largest deep dive in GSIS history, as they take a look at Family Feud in all it’s in-karn-ations and discuss the importance of hosting and entertainment for the show.

Also, we somewhat break down Matty’s Game Show, “Are You The Knowledge Lord?” it’s origins, and how to best make Jack Allison suffer. is where to go to check that out!

“Catch Point” from BBC is reviewed (“Million Dollar Mile” is delayed until next week)

and on the “Pricing Game Spotlight”, Jordan’s Childhood Favorite Pricing Game, “Ten Chances” is discussed.

We now leave you with a photo that best explains Family Feud…


Finders Keepers w/ Reese


That’s right friends, Munch.

Reese from “Video Games are the Worst Thing on Earth” becomes our first RETURNING CHAMPION and talks about the game show that he was dying to talk about after “The Genius” the “find the object” room raiding children’s game show Finders Keepers.

Say “Munch” to him on twitter @yourverygoodbud

In the Pricing Game Spotlight this week - it’s the frantic “Race Game”.

And also, reviewed this week is “Blockbusters” (Comedy Central UK) and “Battle of the Ages” (BYUtv)

Yes, it is a very busy episode, lots of stuff to go over, including what Game Show Network is up to, and the Daytime Emmy nominations, so please grab yourself a soda, it’s going to be a very long night.

Wild Animal Games w/ Alex Ptak

Ribby Ribby, Everybody! Alex Ptak of Pod Damn America and Ballin’ Out Super joins Jordan in discussion of Ryan Seacrest’s first hosting gig, and learn life lessons about Birds of Prey (don’t let them into a studio full of children). Is Jordan going to be cancelled? Ask him on Twitter!

In “Pricing Game Spotlight”, we take a look at Shell Game.

We also review the game show “Wonder Ball” on BBC and take a look at Double Dare’s Season 2 changes including it’s Tournament Style presentation now.

And yes, we do conclude with the news last week about Alex Trebek.

The Apprentice w/ Matt Christman


Chapo goes on “Game Shows”, as New York Times Best Selling Author, Famous Twitch Streamer and Game Show Prize Winner Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House joins Jordan in a discussion about the game show that made The President of the United States who he was, rather or not it could have been prevented, and if there is a possible way to get a time machine to fix any of this (Spoilers: Nope) Feel free to check out more episodes of Chapo Trap House through their Patreon.

Also, “Mystery Price” is featured on Pricing Game Spotlight, but i gotta tell ya, it went by pretty I had to introduce a brand new segment called “The Rich List” and take a look at 7 Cancelled Game Shows Networks Need to Reboot.

Don’t forget the ongoing social media campaign to get me an audition to host the revival of the game show “Card Sharks” - #JordanForCardSharks