Let's Make a Deal w/ Josh Eldridge

This is a very very long and important episode of “Game Shows, I Suppose” as Josh Eldridge stops by to try and discuss every version of the “decision-making” game show “Let’s Make a Deal”, from it’s origins in nightclubs, to going to several networks, to a craptacular 90s version, to a craptacular version with “The Trump Bus Guy”, to the perfectly made improvisational music and adorable version with Wayne Brady on CBS Daytime!

And just when you think nearly TWO HOURS of let’s make a deal talk is enough, it is sandwiched between two game show reviews! - One is the John Cena helmed “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”? and the other is the highly anticipated “Press Your Luck” with Elizabeth Banks for ABC Summer Fun & Games!

And finally, “Switcheroo” is in the Pricing Game Spotlight, and please send over ideas for what to do in case #JordanForCrystalMaze doesn’t actually workout…