The Gong Show w/ Joe Hartzler


Are you ready for some WEIRD, WILD STUFF, you CHEEKY MONKEYS? Because it’s time to talk about the most outrageous talent show ever created, The Gong Show!

Joe Hartzler stops by to talk about Gongs, find out if Jordan is a CIA Agent, and come up with a one-of-a-kind talent to win union-scale! He also is here to provide some Acting Tips to everybody, as featured in the short-film “It’s Not a Phase”, and talk about his fantastic stream, Live with Fartzler, now doing LIVE AT FIVE, but only temporarily.

Special Thanks to Joe Puppet for his cameo appearance in this episode!

Outside of that, Jordan reviews “Hypnotize Me” and takes a visit to “Trader Bob” in the Pricing Game Spotlight.

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