Idiotest w/ Inside Jerks

Where’s the “Play Button”, did you try and press the remote control? If so, you would see there isn’t one. The only thing that has a “Play Button” is a video game controller…. but here on Game Shows, I Suppose it’s a podcast so the play button is on your podcast provider of choice.

Today, Inside Jerks stop by to talk about “Idiotest”, the host that is running for president, donating to BugCon2020 and being a famous podcast worth listening to!

In the “Pricing Game Spotlight”, we check out “Check-Out” and we conclude with a new-sort-of-segment where I talk about What I’ve been watching (Spoilers - Not Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, but yes to “The Circle”)

ENDING THEME - “Game Show” by Misery