Only Connect w/ Travis Eberle


Welcome to GAME SHOW THROWDOWN WEEK celebrating THE GAME SHOW THROWDOWN going on July 27th at Noon Pacific (Three PM Eastern) in Glendale, California at the Hyatt Place! You can watch it LIVE over at and watch as they raise money to EXTRA LIFE (which you can do as well) as they play some of the most iconic game shows in history!

But before we get to that Throwdown, we are going to go through a mini-podcast-adventure today, and then another on our regularly scheduled day (Wednesday!) and concluding with the final episode on Friday, so you can get all caught-up right before the Throwdown on the 27th!

Today’s episode, is a REALLY great episode, as Travis Eberle stops by to go into discussion of one of television’s most clever quiz, Only Connect and the fearsome “Connecting Walls” that you could play yourselves over at PuzzGrid.

And in the final part of the show, we are talking about the “controversial” pricing game “Shower Game” (no, they don’t get naked) and finally, a review of Netflix’s “Blown Away”, which is about glass blowing, not drybars!