Taskmaster w/ Thomas Hale


A very warm welcome to Thomas Hale aka Gertrude Perkins, host of the flash animation podcast “Flash in the Pan”. As we take a journey into the exciting world of “Taskmaster”, books on Industrial Music, Amazing Music from Alex Valentine, and writing for Media Gluttony. - Oh, and FAN FICTION (but that’s my plug, not theirs!)

We talk about the various challenges comedians face on the number one show on “Dave”, citation needed, and we try and figure out how well we would do on some of those games as well!

Also in the episode, we review the REVIVAL of Supermarket Sweep on ITV2! Rylan is hosting it and we find out a very important lesson - it’s not how long it is, it’s how you use it!

Also the pricing game spotlight is “Hit Me”, but let’s face it, the other two things are pretty much all you need.