Supermarket Sweep

Let’s go WILD through the aisles and discuss the many iterations of Supermarket Sweep, from it’s original edition in the 1950s, to the one most popular in the 1980s and 1990s. To it’s revival in the early 2000s because of repeats and slightly bring up it’s appeal around the world, including Dale’s Supermarket Sweep.

I also talk about another game where time is needed, “Clock Game” on The Price is Right. I’m lonely.

EDIT: I didn’t bring up the backstory of how the show came to be, because time was running out.

The Million Second Quiz

New York City, Ryan Seacrest, a Ticking Clock… for many this could describe “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” but for Jordan, it could only mean one thing - The Million Second Quiz on NBC!

In this episode, Jordan looks back at the 11-day event quiz, featuring a subway halfway-home, a broken game format and contestant horror stories. Concluding with a way to make a reality-game hybrid, that could have an app and online content.

And on Pricing Game Spotlight, a look at the first RETIRED PRICING GAME, Bullseye 1!

The Cube

In the exciting third episode (of this three-part pilot episode) Jordan figures out if he has what it takes to beat “The Cube”. That’s right, Jordan finally talks about international formats! A show that was a success in the UK but failed when it reached it’s pilot stage here. He also plays “The App” on-air, because he’s a professional.

And in our “Pricing Game Spotlight” - a look at Double Prices, a very basic game that was the last of the three games on the first episode of “The Price is Right” (why yes, I did intentionally make THREE pilot episodes because one for every pricing game on the pilot episode of The Price is Right)


I am back with another episode of “Game Shows I Suppose” this time talking about Jeopardy! I spend a good chunk of time talking about “Jeopardy!” and it’s many spin-offs : Sports Jeopardy, Rock and Roll Jeopardy, and Jep! as well as start talking so much I sound like I am getting a cold!

Also, on Pricing Game Spotlight - Bonus Game!

1 vs 100

Welcome to the first episode of “Game Shows, I Suppose” where each episode I ramble about a game show as much as possible, until I exhaust myself or start losing my train of thought.

Each episode chronicles a new game show, and what makes the show good (or bad) and what could be done in a revival or made better.

In this first episode, 1 vs 100 is discussed, as well as in our first part of the 110-Part Series “Pricing Game Spotlight”, a journey into the first Pricing Game ever played on The Price is Right - ANY NUMBER.