Something Really Cool!

Good news and bad news. Good News, I have a website, I paid actual money for this, yes it’s through SquareSpace, yes I don’t know what I am doing. Bad News, I really don’t have anything other than my own projects to show. It’s either stuff I have been NDA’d or things I have just no credits for, that from what the people at SAG-AFTRA tell me “is a shame”, but hey, when that comes, I would probably edit this page to show them. This is essentially the “your name here” space for my website!


Show Title Goes Here

Just imagine if I somehow was credible enough to have credits on a project and then have that on display here on this website, so people would know what I have on my resume besides just small things here and there. Yeah, you can tell I am a bit frustrated right now, but I do enjoy the stock images currently holding place of probably some voice-over work or maybe a game show with a host holding up a card and smiling.