I don't know what's going on.


So, since I last updated, it was a week of just pure yuck. My computer AND my phone were factory reset. A few days between the other (note to self - just do what Kanye does and just do pin and make it 00000 next time)

 So all sorts of documents gone, it took a while, but I managed to get audacity working to edit a podcast.

Let's just say, it was frustrating. But luckily, I did save a bunch on the Google Drive and we are good to go!

I was originally gonna make a video of my new series, talking about Red Dead Redemption 2, and the 100 hour work week, and the strain it puts on developers and artists, but I think it is too late, people have the game. People like the game, what difference does it make? A video like mine in the sea of conservative vids calling people they don't like NPCs (was "cuck" too passe?) It just didn't feel right.

I was thinking if I'm gonna make these videos, even if it's just a blatant ripoff of charlie brookers  screenwipe again, I should just make it unlisted with the videos embed here. Give this place some CONTENT like all your favorite streaming services!

what have I been up to?

I played jackbox party pack 5, I think it's the best jackbox pack, so far, I love the games that are played, my favorite will always be you don't know jack.  

I am installing Soul Calibur 6 as we speak, because console gaming is somehow safe for the time being. I bet it will play "just fine" 

I cancelled VRV, but will be back with them in a few months time, I don't care much about anime, but I haven't been seeing much except talking toons on that platform. NOT EVEN FIGURE IT OUT helped me out. 

Instead I got CBS ALL ACCESS, because I'm a game show dork, and I can take The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal with me wherever I go. So of course, I'm gonna be doing that! 

Finally, I donated to Podcast : The Ride's patreon called "The Second Gate" and it's a ton of fun, their first episode is about Disney Quest!

Other than that, Titans felt like a show that was rushed into production and at least to me, it's a hot mess, but audiences don't care as long as Dick Grayson is a cutie (he is) and they get all the fan service (FLYING GRAYSONS, Allusions to Ravens, etc.)  

I know there is an audience for this show, DC was confident to give it a second season before the pilot even launched... But looking at social media... It's not that big? It's not the size of Riverdale or even Legends of Tomorrow for that matter... Maybe they wanted to go for niche? 

I have no idea, I am trying to not hit a sad slump, one hit me Thursday/Friday and just wrecked yesterday until I was able to watch a baseball game... on television. Although I wouldn't mind an ice cream served in a baseball helmet.

 In conclusion, yeah, I just hit another speed bump, but hopefully things will be looking up soon. I have to hang on.