My Birthday

So my birthday was March 1st, let's celebrate the last days of my twenties!


I still haven't celebrated it. I bought a cake for myself, but it's been a real shit show. It's been raining, I didn't go to a trampoline park, like I wanted, I didn't go to Dave & Buster's like a normal weirdo, I tried to see Black Panther, but I got food poisoning and had to leave.

I was trying to come up with a positive way to say "I had to walk out of black panther" without making it sound like I hated the movie, but damn.

I think this year, which should be the year I finally get that victory, at least according to many experts, is more like a year I just, give up.

I hate to say give up, because it sounds depressing, but I said "fuck it" and tried so many things, that I'm interested in, but then something happens to just mess it up.

I really don't know what to do. So I decided to do simple, I am good at analyzing game shows and writing. (Even if the grammar is bad) . And when you get older, more and more you feel like nobody is around to stop you from stupid things...

So I decided to do a small twitch project called "Scripted Unscripted". That's just showing off two of my talents (somewhat).

The "Main" is writing, i get suggestions from the twitch chat and make a script, rather it's long form or a short skit, and I just get that writers block live on screen. Rather it's adapting a video game, creating a comedy bit, or a comic book. It's about the writing, and the mistakes generally made.

But when that block hits, or that wear down happens, there is there "Unscripted" part, that might be copyright infringement, but I do think it is analysis and commentary, where we take an episode of a game show (or reality comp) and try and break it down, tell a few jokes, and analyze the production to make something, what "works" and what "doesn't work" with a few fun bits on there.

I usually clock these at 3 hours, and I'm thinking Monday Wednesday Friday starting at 8pm PST, but times could be earlier or later or cancelled. 

Yeah, it's not really playing video games, but I think writing on camera is really tough, because you have various ideas and conflicts of where things go, that it's fun to talk it out loud.  

I hope you join me over at

And ask questions over at