Let's Get Political!


It has come to this, a political blog post, something that hasn't been done ever on the internet...

There used to be a saying "Never talk about politics or religion in polite company", but as it turns out, being apolitical is still Political (which it is) as is any sort of piece ever created.

Roseanne Season 10 debuted last night, with impressive ratings, unsure if it's because of nostalgia for Barr or just because John Goodman's character didn't actually die like we thought...

I enjoyed this finale, it ended on a depressing note, but one that was a bit optimistic... So when I heard they brought it back, it was questionable.

Roseanne ran as Green Party and then as Trump surrugate, tweeting against transgender people in 2012. 

 But I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and it follows the same notes as Roseanne, in a new neurotic atmosphere with the family divided because of the election. Economic Anxiety being the reason for one, while the social behavior of a Little Donnie being too much for the other.

That to have an episode where a character wants to wear whatever they want to wear (THE BOY WHO WANTS TO WEAR GIRL CLOTHES, IN THIS AMERICA?) is just weird in this world of gender dysphoria, non-binary acceptance and the constant fashion trend of androgyny.

The characters aren't as well rounded as they used to, and are almost seen as the one dimensional characters, with Dan playing the good husband trying to just live day to day oblivious of the disasters in the household.

If Fuller House could work, so could Roseanne...   for better or worse.


The main talking point I keep seeing from the Smug Grumpingtons of the world is that "It's a good show BECAUSE it's speaking positively about Trump and it's a show against the LIBERAL BIAS"

I hate to say this, but everything has a bias. Social Studies, which is Geography, History, Sociology, etc is actually intended for you to understand different cultures and the mistakes people have made, and lessons on frustration, it's not meant to be patriotic, every leader had flaws...

Nobody is pure, everybody has faults.

I say this because, while we are always championing and fighting for "good", there will always be somebody that you want to be as your ally, but then has a share of fuck ups.

The severity of this depends, they might still call things "gay", they might actually have fucked over people in labor, or worse. 

The problem with liberals, self flagellation in finding that perfect bean, when you know you've also fucked up, and trying to appeal to everybody, when you have ACTUAL FACTS ON YOUR SIDE.

The problem with conservatives, not accepting responsibility for their own actions and being selfish in caring about themselves and nobody else. 

I, have fucked up, many, many times. I said hurtful things to people online, and not been a better ally to people, I know I could get better, others don't.

  When others don't, that's when they stay stagnant, and where the status quo shows up.


There was marching for civil rights on the 60s, but nobody took steps to give minorities that step up, let alone getting rid of the toxic behavior of the clan.

Women fought for the right to vote and be in the workplace, but then when pay gaps happen, or sexual harassment happens, they turned away. 

And don't be coy and say "is complimenting somebody harassment"? For Christs sake Seth, you're single and have complained about not having a girlfriend every day for six years, you are one dick pic away from HR reprimanding you, that is if HR actually does something. 

Most of the people fighting now, get mocked online and on television, because in some circles "well we did everything", but honestly, when you had an AIDS epidemic and did nothing...

And yes, it's mostly FOX News. 

The Nazis in Charlottesville, they are just practicing their free speech, BUT HOW DARE THESE PARKLAND KIDS SPEAK AGAINST GUNS

We need to respect the President of the United States, unless it's Obama, then we need to undermine his presidency because he has a different skin color than me, or screw it, throw Muslims under the bus as well, because they do this praying on a carpet and speak an arabic prayer WHICH ISN'T AMERICAN ENGLISH, AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE HEBREWS.


What I mostly see is failed actresses and comedians looking to finally get that last break in entertainment, so they decide conservativism is the way to go. They love jokes about stereotypes! WHO SAID REPUBLICANS CAN'T DO COMEDY? (many people, actually)

And it works, just ask every contrarian complaining about how people losing their parents to ICE, or being assaulted for being LGBT or just having a pizza place is "playing the victim", while crying foul because an educated college student knows you're only there for publicity through spewing hate.

Treating "Socialism" like it's the devil, yet celebrating programs LIKE Military and Police for keeping our country safe.

Blaming "public schools" for the kids sharing their toys instead of buying two, or public libraries for giving people access to literature, both fictional and factual, and the internet.

We have fire fighters, we have playgrounds and maintenance, and hopefully, environmental protection so there is safe water to drink. 

No singular party has control over who loves their country most, but what you see is patriotism disgusted as a cultured identity, which Peter Coffin talks about on YouTube and in his book 

We spend so much time encouraging kids to go to college, that we've made degrees practically worthless. 

We've spent so much time telling people to join a military, and never took the time to take care of them if they return. 

Generations have good intentions, but sometimes fails, and instead of blaming things like the capitalist system we have (you think Bezos could maybe give his employees healthcare?)  and the electoral system that got Don elected (he was a champion for popular vote originally!)

We decided to blame "the kids". 

Kids are eating avocado toast to get a house. 

Kids get degrees with little value like ART or HUMANITY than BUSINESS

And that's not true, the kids who got degrees got fucked over just as much as those that dropped out or never showed up to college in the first place. ..

They can't afford healthcare let alone car iinsurance, and if they did, it's for Uber or Lyft.

We have resorted to Kickstarter for our dreams and passions.

We look towards gofundme for our disasters and slipups

Our creative culture is now a tip jar known as patreon and ko-fi.

And even then, it's not enough to survive.



the icon, at the top of the page, is the symbol for politics - A Bernie Sanders Funko Pop.

Bernie Sanders had a campaign on Democratic Socialism, where the top 1% isn't helping out the rest, and to celebrate - here's a piece of plastic that costs $10 that you can keepsake like a Hallmark ornament so you can go "oh yeah I remember him", much like Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy or WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

Our economy is based on consumers, and our politics have become consumer identity. 

Much like how you "aren't a true fan" of a band unless you get a concert tee, you aren't a true MAGA unless you get the RCoD (Red Cap of Deplorable)

You know who is the truly oppressed? Gamers. That's why you need to riot at Polygon for not giving that AAA video game you enjoy (and also part of your brand) a score that's less than 9.5!   It's apparently just as bad as apartheid in South Africa!

And if you're thinking "these are shitty", it's okay, I understand, feminism, that's why you need to buy this "#YASQUEEN"  shirt to really SHOVE IT TO THESE GUYS


Mockingbird had this cover, and it was controversial because little biddy boys are upset it's spreading "the social justice" (which is just another term for human rights, but)

But hey, because of that negative, mockingbird gets attention, and then a group of people will spend money to "make a point"

Granted, most marvel stories, hell most comic book stories are slanted to be "leftist propaganda", because as it turns out, Superman was an illegal alien from Krypton and the X-Men is nothing more than civil rights debate because mutuants are no different than humans, but because of that sight difference, might be "scary".

With the lesson being don't be scared of people's differences, be scared of a world full of hate. 


But to flip it, hatred was a video game that came out a few years back that had a dull edgelord shoot up and kill a neighborhood of people.

People took offense (this was pre-vegas and Orlando) so similarly, it gets publicity it normally wouldn't want, and dipshits buy it to illustrate a point.

And honestly, that's the new normal


The "marketplace of ideas" is just attention now

The economy is all about spending money on "your politics" , which is also just a company brand that you can stand behind.

Boycott companies for unfair treatment, but ultimately buying because you can't find cheaper. 

Getting rid of Facebook, but keeping it up because of your images and contact with Grandma.

Venting at Twitter for not having better moderation, yet still using the service because there isn't a competitor.

(No, this isn't a "HATE CAPITALISM BUT USE SMARTPHONE" argument, but you know if they got rid of minimum wage in this country, we would see States competing for the bid to get apple to build their tech here for literally pennies) 

The sad part is, there is no way to fix this, with Trump it really is a war on intelligence and facts. ..

The base will be willing to eat tide pods if it means upsetting somebody with intelligence to know "hey that's bleach, don't eat that" 

They don't care, they have nothing to lose, except the guns they  bought under Obama out of fear he'll take them away.

He didn't, and now a few hundred have died since he left office...

The economy, is bad.

And it's not illegals to blame, it's not Muslim Americans, and it's unfortunately not MAGApatriot73747477 on Twitter who may or may not be a Russian Bot. 

It's our capitalist system and our lack of retraining those laid off, and giving solutions that have longevity

The "Trickle Down" isn't trickling, there isn't incentives for them to do so.

The Tax System is broken where we're going to end up having to take care of each other, while those that could afford to drop $5,000,000 for new offices and hires keeps it for themselves because of loopholes.

The manufactures and miners, can't be in something else. 

And if Blockbuster is replaced by Netflix, and Borders is down,  what will happen to Barnes and Noble?

Is MoviePass going to help the movie industry? 

Is Real Estate going to burst again? 

What about another dotcom bust? 

In reality, everybody is on credit, and we're paying with credit (and some debit) online and on a wing and a prayer that we could someday pay it all off!

 And we, could all get better...

We just have to take care of each other, even if they are different than us by race, gender, sexuality and, yes, politics...

Unless you're a piece of shit, in which case go fuck yourself.   

EDIT: and the solution is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as the new requirements in school, and encouraging Arts & Humanities (which includes literature and writing) on the side, and the need for trade.