quick update


So, it's time for a quick update but here it goes...

 Night Night is doing great, I think I found the niche for the show, as I am trying to get a good rhythm. It's on twitch, the problem with stream is still the computer.

I updated my website to be just the blog, the about and "webcomic", webcomic the webcomic is something I've been doing on and off for nearly a decade, but I figured crude drawings and walls of text would make for something different so here you go. 

I also pulled the idea vault and portfolio, because those are pretty much for my eyes only or employers. But because nothing is happening right now, I'm just going to assume I'm bad for business. 

So now I'm trying to figure out how to fix that. If I have a podcast what would it be about? Should I do it fast or slow? I don't know what it should be even about. Would anybody even listen? Probably not. 

i was thinking about something recently. And it's going to be weird... but follow me on this  children's broadcasting.

I've been watching old Bill Nye and Nick News, and these shows got kids interested in science and current events and brought it down to a level for them to understand. 

Most parents just give their kids a iPhone and YouTube and expect Spiderman and Elsa doing the Harlem shake to babysit them, but the problem tests in auto play and it gets awful. 

I understand kids love PewDiePie and let's plays, but I'm finding it more fascinating looking at "today I found out", or "William Osman" and other people who just show their fascinations with things... That sense of Discovery. 

Last year, kids love slime videos, but rarely did anybody explain the chemistry that goes into creating non-newtonian fluid.

And sorry, but trying to find the videos usually leads to awful people who dislike any sort of social justice or progress... Which in my mind, defeats why we learn and grow and develop. 

Are there any good resources to get kids to know about STEM? What about the arts and humanities? is there somebody that can explain climate change? What does it mean to be Muslim? What did transgender mean? 

Mister Rogers taught us to love ourselves, and we are special by just being ourselves... But I don't see that today. 

I think that person is out there, but I doubt it could be me. Because I do have a very foul mouth. 

But I have a background in TV, I almost got all my education credits while in school. I could try. 

The simplest of things like algebra or the electoral college or scary things like divorce and death. 

Some say it's unnecessary, but I'm starting to be skeptical and think it's necessary now more than ever.

Here's to you Linda, Bill and Fred.