Funny You Should Ask w/ Travis Griffin and Kimberly Dana


The Blue Ribbon Podcast Award Winner for “Best Game Show Podcast” is back, and we are welcoming not one, but TWO guests this week! KImberly Dana (Common Knowledge) and Travis Griffin (Ellen’s Game of Games) stop on by to talk about their love of game shows, turning it into a job working on game shows, and turning that same passion into a charity event July 27th at the Hyatt Place in Glendale, California!

We also talk about “Funny You Should Ask”, the syndicated game show that promises “21 laughs an episode” and the real geniuses are the people in the audience.

Also, we do DOUBLE DUTY with reviews!

First, we watch “Spin The Wheel” on FOX, the show that the game show fandom hates because it reminds them of “The Wall” because… Big Spin? Wheel of Fortune? I don’t know. I just think it’s that episode of “Rocko’s Modern Life” where Philbert is “Mr. Lucky” and spins the big honkin’ wheel!

Next, we also watch “Holey Moley” on ABC, the only thing Steph Curry was able to be “#1” in this summer! (Too Soon?) The Mini-Golf Course that might be that spot between “Oh Sit” and “Wipeout”.

And finally, in the “Pricing Game Spotlight” - we are giving you all a BIG HUG with Squeeze Play!

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