Takeshi's Castle w/ Josh McCloud

Happy America Day Everybody (okay it’s July 3rd most likely at the time of this upload) so what better way to celebrate America’s Birthday than with FOREIGN GAME SHOW FORMATS!

Today’s main course is a deep-dive of the Japanese Game Show “Takeshi’s Castle”, the show that most Americans only know from it’s re-dubbed “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” or “MXC”, and there is only one person for the job - TAKESHI’S CASTLE SUPERFAN (And Game Show Fans Co-Host) JOSH MCCLOUD! And if you liked him here, please check him out on the Cartoncast talking Filmore!

Then, we review TWO british formats - one is the “crank-call” based game show “Hey Tracey” and the other is the brain-study-doc-turned-game-format “Family Brain Games” featuring a more lax Dara O’Brien!

And finally, on the pricing game spotlight, we take a look at Secret “X” - the game where you only have a 66.6% chance of winning at best!

Help Josh with the BGM Challenge right here