American Ninja Warrior w/ Scott Benson


Scott Benson is well known for all sorts of projects, including the indie-game classic “Night in the Woods” , and the animated collective known as “Late Night Work Club” and the worker co-op “The Glory Society” talks about ethical consumption under capitalism, why game workers need to unite, and strategies to beat the rotating barrel thing. From it’s dark origins on extended-cable catering towards “gamers” and “geeks”, to it’s success on a major network, we look into American Ninja Warrior, which has a new season premiering tonight at 8pm on NBC.

Also, Safe Crackers is talked about on Pricing Game Spotlight, but we don’t have the rights to “The Pink Panther” theme.

We also have a schedule for the SUMMER GAME SHOW LINE-UP!


Thanks again to Scott for stopping by and talking about American Ninja Warrior (and it’s many incarnations, like Ninja vs Ninja, Team Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Jr.) check him out on twitter @bombsfall and together, we can BEAT THAT WALL!

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