Show Me The Money w/ Mike Klauss


What Game Show…

A, B or C?

A) … hosted by William Shatner is the discussion of tonight’s episode?
Show Me The Money

B) … “Pricing Game” from “The Price is Right” has a “yodely guy” and is featured on the Pricing Game Spotlight tonight?
Cliff Hangers

C) …is ending after nearly twenty years on television, is getting a Eulogy at the end of the episode?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Trivia expert Mike Klauss, creator of a quiz podcast called “Switch It Up” stops on by to talk about trivia questions, what does it mean to fail, and how to pronounce “Julianne Hough”. As we do the salsa, and answer questions about salsa, while dancing to the catchy theme song to “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

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