A new computer


It's the HP Omen. I gotta thank my Mom for the early Christmas present. (there is a towel under it only because I don't have a mat yet.

 I have a gaming computer again, and that means it's time to download PUBG and Fortnite! I'll see how some of my favorite games run. But also need to install some programs.

I did get final draft installed (still version 9) and just gotta find good video editing software. 

As you can see, it doesn't have a CD drive. We are living in the future! 

So I just gotta install a bunch of things, get back into recording podcasts and see if I can't go back into my twitch streams or even start working on that video show. 

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is pretty fun, I enjoy it and talked about it on the latest fun time calls. The spirit mode is very addictive, but I am unsure about the grinding to unlock all the characters.

In addition, I am watching Deal or No Deal on CNBC, and it got me wondering more about story telling in game shows. (Not just creating characters from contestants, but in the format premise - how it's like a hostage negotiation between capitalist banker and hopeful contestant. Cases eliminated are clues to what's possibly in the case.) 

Finally, I created a game board for my game show "Five Stars" in tabletop simulator and I'm enjoying it.


I hope to show you guys more soon. But I gotta mess around with the computer in a bit. I hope to update you all with more soon.