I'm Broke.


Okay, that's a very misleading headline. If that came across as clickbait, I'm sorry. 

 I make "an ok amount" of money, i have enough to get by, but when it comes to economics, I don't think I have as much of a disposable income as others.

And that's what today's subject is about - disposable income.  As technology changes we have so many subscription services that PER MONTH, you get stuff, physical or not.

You might have heard some of these from time to time, as they are podcast sponsors.

Netflix, Hulu Plus, WWE Network, Crunchyroll, YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, and soon, stuff from Disney and DC Comics


And that's not including any of the subscription box services, that just involve some variation of "a shirt and a Funko" 

But it's getting out of control, and because I like to be honest, I am going to tell you, the reader, all my subscriptions! 

Cable Subscription - Spectrum   (With HBO and showtime)   

Because as much as I would love to cut the cord, I'm a firm believer that we might see a new television Renaissance real soon, as cable TV gave us niche, and internet gave us whatever you wanted, you're going to see Television, almost turn into a Twitch style with tons of live programming and more revivals of shows you vaguely remember.


It seems every day, they have something new, and they rotate out the content that isn't their own, but they gave a platform to the new Mystery Science Theater, they have Arrested Development, and if I wanted to, I could watch a couple movie classics.

They also have The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, so I have to subscribe, now somebody can watch weird Television with me! 


This one might be on my unsubscribe list soon, as the last thing I saw was the documentary on The Dana Carvy show, and they really have nothing I watch.

Reality Shows aren't game shows, my friend. And I hate confessionals way more than you think.   It's ticky-tacky for editors to create a story out of nothing. AND I MIGHT WANT TO VENT ON THAT SOON


I don't have a Patreon myself, I thought about it, but I honestly don't know what to put up that makes it "worth it", a podcast? More articles? I don't know!  But if you have any ideas, send them to me on patreon. Let me know what you enjoy.

But for me, I think Patreon is the place to go for content creators, so I dropped a few dollars to Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert's "What a Cartoon" and "Talking Simpsons" podcasts

Because as I said earlier - I really love when people share their love of stuff with the world, and I think they deserve the love as well. The episode about Steven Universe is really good (as Henry talks about a personal connection with the show) 

And Two Bad Neighbors episode of The Simpsons, where Bob chats with a couple people from Chapo about politics that make it hilarious! 

 I would love to donate to more people, and unfortunately this is why I get frustrated sometimes. I want to help so many people, but man, I could barely afford a $60 at launch these days!


F4W Video 

So I recently unsubscribed to the WWE Network, because it's mostly terrible. I usually just subscribe from Royal Rumble through WrestleMania (about 3 months) and move on afterwards.

But my guilty pleasure show has to be The Bryan and Vinny Show on Figure 4 Weekly

Originally, an audio podcast, they have moved into video, where now you can see facial reactions to their recap of pay per views, speaking out of experience, and in entertainment.  

Every week, they have 3 episodes:   Retro Raw and Nitro (from "the 90s", and spoilers - it's terrible!) With their funny friend Craig! A modern episode of NXT (WITH GRANNY!) and a Sunday Grabbag, that is either an 80s WCW show or the most recent pay per view event.

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb has been the first subscription service I've used, I love Unprofessional Fridays as a show, but the video game content at Giant Bomb remains my favorite.

I don't really watch that many "let's plays" or twitch streamers, but something about building a robot in Nintendo Labo, Garfield Video Games, 50 Turn Mario Party Match-Ups and Killing each other in The Sims 4, that just makes it exciting! 

The guy who got married at a Taco Bell and the White Guy from The Blinking White Guy meme went though all the Metal Gear Solid games!

Amazon Prime

When it comes down to it, I'm happy with the shipping, and the bonus of a place where I could watch all the star wars movies. 

I enjoy all the snack of the month ideas, but ultimately, I like being in control of my destiny, and I choose what dumb stuff I want to buy. 

I liked Nick Box, but everything was plushes, which are cheap to make

I liked loot crate, but it felt like I wasn't getting my money's worth (or what if I don't care for Harry Potter?) 

Ultimately, I'm happy just pre-ordering stuff, ignoring it until it shows up to my doorstep and I get surprised. 


Yes and No, excluding cable, and you are looking at about $900 a year  (hey, $10 a month at 12 months is $120, give or take)

Additionally, while I love video games, I'm getting annoyed by DLC, lootcrates and ways video games just can't come up with a proper ending (this includes sequels)

But much like confessionals, I'm saving "say goodbye" for a later date. 

But it seems that is a new business tactic, movie pass did well, but now they are pulling the strings to make sure you don't take advantage (4 a month!) 

GameStop was going to have a rental service, but that seems to be missing... 

And all I have to figure out is. 

"Ah damn it, I forgot Xbox Live and PLAYSTATION plus, oh well, no going back to edit that list now" 

This is the new way of business, some companies want you there as long as possible (Netflix) while others want to make sure you forget they exist and collect per month (Hulu) 

Others want to disappoint you, or surprise you. 

But ultimately, if you think it's worth it, then go for it! 

But I'm just a bit weary about what this means in, everything. 

Is it capitalism? Is it silicon valley? I don't know.