No Video Games Here


It's snacktacular Jordan here, reminding you that chips have a high sodium content that could lead to dehydration - so drink plenty of water!

I haven't updated this blog in a few weeks because I barely had much to talk about. Nothing new happened. No new movies no new video games, I've just been watching YouTube videos and trying to get sleep.

While I see the benefit of this blue filter night light, it hasn't done much on assisting me in getting more sleep. A real struggle recently is coming up with a nice sleep pattern, which hasn't been achievable.

The most recent video game I played was Kirby Star Allies, which I will say is "alright", on my current financials, I have roughly $100 to spend on entertainment (if we deduct Netflix and all that, it's about $60) . Which means I could just about buy ONE video game a month.

 Yakuza 6 looks very fun, as does the most recent God of War, but my computer is very laggy and I might just need to save up, so I could get better equipment for writing or making games.

But right now, E3 is looking and that means  hyping everything until you lose interest 

And I dislike it, it should also be the time to watch movies like Avengers : Weekend At Thanos or Deadpool 2, either way it has Josh Brolin.

 But instead, I'm just in a wormhole.

I'm watching The Crystal Maze and Theme Park YouTube. 


Most of you already know The Crystal Maze is one of my favorite game shows from the UK. It incorporates this fantasy style of game show that's like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, mixed with quick activities that are speedy.

Completing challenges warn the mcguffin , Failing earn nothing, but taking too long, and you could lose that mcguffin.

It could be trivia, it could be a skill based show, or just a basic physical challenge, or a simple puzzle, the variety makes it great. And it's one show I wouldn't mind coming over here. 

They recently received the show in the UK, although more formatted as the host/producers determine the games, and there is a limit of just 10 games (2 per player, up to 2/3/3/2 in the four zones) that makes the game feel slow and treats it like a game show that nobody wanted to participate in, which in turn makes it so the audience should have no investment in.  

Even if the stakes are low, a good host can make everybody seem invested in  the game. Richard O'Brien is great at this, because even if a contestant is doing badly, he is entertaining you into continuing.

It's an absolute delight and I would probably spend more time on this, because imagine a Wild West,  Space, Dock/Warehouse and the classical Medieval to expand the world.

It's a show I'm just binging on. 


Also, I've been really enjoying that of Theme Park YouTube. I finished up the Defunctland series and each episode is self contained to tell a story of a new Attraction at the theme park, the creation, the launch and eventually, it's failure. What worked and didn't work with a bit of humor, like the idea of Pleasure Island having "A Magical TGI Friday's"

If it's one thing I enjoy on YouTube, it's people making videos with knowledge and passion, and theme park YouTube comes from this pure love of attractions, and it's just something that is missing in this world. 

As I said in an earlier post, the way to fight all this negative and hate is with positivity, and even though we are looking at shortcomings and failures, each episode is coming from a place of admiration, rather than spite!

You could find various videos from other people enjoying their theme park day and sharing it on YouTube

One such channel is that of Magic Journeys that goes through all the food at Disneyland (and Walt Disney World) and while the average person will go "wait, a churro is HOW MUCH", they aren't seeing the theme park in rose (gold) colored glasses, and if something is just not up to par, they will tell you.

These people do Disney, pretty much how I would do Disney, and it makes me happy seeing videos like this. Not because "hey I'm not alone in my weird antics" but also because these come from a place of love.


I'm still hoping something good happens here soon, but "nothing much" so far.

I might not do much on the internet these days, but man it's so much fun seeing what others are doing. 

I was also in the most recent "I'd Rather Not" podcast, which you could listen here

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I now leave you with me holding an ice cream