Weekend Ideas


I'm not going to promote this post, but this weekend I'm probably going to just go to Salt and Straw and finally try some fun flavors. I haven't been but wish me luck!

 I spent the last few days messing around with a few image editing apps and did some pretty bad memes (which you could see from the image above)

The slump is kicking in again where i do feel like I'm running out of ideas and when that happens, I panic, so that means I'm going to try something new, and I think that's why I did that. 

Also, please look at Ballotpedia.org so you can make an informed choice at the ballot box. 

I should probably see The Last Jedi or Ready Player One or Love, Simon among other movies, there is a huge backlog for me.




also, should I actually go to Denny's and try these items? It seems silly, but something I would do, as I do enjoy Han Solo, and I am kinda sorta looking forward to his movie.

But right now, my brain feels melty, and I am watching what I missed at WrestleMania because of a stomach flu...  

But I think something good is going to happen soon, I just don't know when or what!