Can't Sleep, Must Post


Yes, the guy who jokingly hates anime online has a Dragonball shirt. No, I'm not going to see Broly. I think those movies are alright, but I fear the smell of that movie theater - buttered popcorn and ASSSSSS!

But seriously, I just thought I had a good night's sleep and woke up and suddenly it's 2 a.m. and that means my sleep pattern is once again messed up.   Instead of just trying to get myself back to sleep, I might as well start rambling on my blog for a bit and then see what happens!

I'm going to try and get back into twitch streaming soon. I miss doing Night Night and just looking at YouTube videos and getting confused by reality, but in the meantime, if you're up early, Might I Suggest JackAM?  Unlike my show that's on at like 8pm, this show is on in the morning, covering the news and chatting with the audience. While Jack covers more Hollywood stories (I'm of course, more video game stories), it's a very fun show to watch. So if you are missing me and my Purple lights, come say hello to the SlurpFam!

Game Shows, I Suppose is on its 10th episode (if you're including guest episodes) and I'm still trying to figure out the balance. So far, I'm targeting Wednesdays for them, as that day is heavy with game show footage. And luckily with Buzzr available just about everywhere these days, I'm glad game shows in general can be showed to another generation of audiences. Each Wednesday, it's just me, and a microphone, and almost in a therapeutic way, I get to spend 90 or so minutes talking about one show, and as much as I know about the show, and think about the show, and visualizing the show as possible... Until I literally exhaust myself and want to take a nap. 

I still don't know if people listen to them, but from feedback I'm getting, it's everywhere from "boring" (which I could understand) to "Passionate from beginning to end". And I think it works for me, solely because I want to make sure I cover everything I know before the show ends, and hanging with a person, while enjoyable, isn't fully throwing out my thoughts.

The guest episodes, are a big thrill so far. It's tough to book guests, but that's why I want them to feel special. The guest takes most of the time, and I'd rather have the podcast have the shows presented in their eyes in these episodes. An isolation booth format like my podcast is good, to me, because I feel I'm not giving a character or personality, I'm just being myself, and it comes across as a recorded confessional. And as you heard on a few episodes, sometimes I just don't like these shows and it's a pain to sit through them. (Want to know which shows? Listen to the podcast). And I really hope the next guest episode (out Friday) will be just as loved as the first one with Video Power w/ Oko. 

I think it's tough to explain the format - come into the show, watch a game show with me, spend an hour interviewed and talking about the show, that's it. But I think, it might be very fun, my current goal with guests is get close friends, or those that have given me the courage to do this, then I want to grab people from other niche podcasts to come on (Theme Parks? Sports? Star Wars?) Because I think that's one thing that makes the internet really great  being able to share with friends the things we love.  

Who knows? Maybe UCB talent would stop by, maybe I'll finally get that dream of getting Terry Crews to come on and watch Battle Dome with me. But it's something I'm really happy about creating, even if I'm barely editing the show. 

My only issue is just from my own - I think my voice is okay, but always near the end of these long winded podcasts, I sound like I'm sick or I'm swallowing my tongue. And in some cases, I could hear that, other times I understand (usually, in broadcasting, there are commercial breaks not just for advertisers, but to assist the broadcaster, with prep, including bathroom breaks, coffee, or just blowing your nose to get the snot to stop drowning your throat) I'm trying to experiment with ways to solve this, because, much like my serious sensitivity to caffeine, I realize looking back at old streams, this is a constant thing, not just in winter, but summer and spring as well. 

I just don't want to wind up with sleep apnea. 

Anyway, fun time calls is still going on, and I'm loving the direction we are taking it, I find it refreshing and funny, and it's good doing it with your friends, spending an hour and catching up and just having bits prepared and not planned and seeing it unfold, where what becomes a normal video game conversation, becomes an accusation against me of being "a fake gamer" with a punishment of death.   If GSIS (pronounced "gee sis") is a therapy session with something I love and enjoy talking about... This is the chaos that I live with, a perfect Yin-Yang, which people would agree was "The Coolest Pog"

I haven't seen any movies the last two weeks, not because I'm lazy, it was just catching up with Giant Bomb content and finishing up some Cowboy Bebop and just having a swell time. 

Drum n Fun is actually a really fun game for Switch, the motion controls work for the game, I only wish it had more music from "The Blue Hearts" because while "TRAIN TRAIN" is good, my favorite "LINDA LINDA" is on the PS4 version... Maybe they'll have DLC? please? There is a Round 1 opening up soon in Burbank so I can't wait to go over there and check it out (even if we are getting a Dave and Buster's really soon!)

 And now the sad slump time! 

While I am enjoying my podcasts and having a fun time, I'm starting to feel like I'm just not cut out for the industry . Creatively, yes, I fit in. Clearly, I have a vision in mind for production and what the shows could be. (And yes, I am still looking for jobs, please contact me if you have one for me, I'm willing to help you work out that reboot of Tic Tac Dough)

But, I just think, maybe I'm just too out there? Maybe I'm too much of liability or a risk? Maybe I'm just annoying? I don't know! I just know the gig economy is kind of screwy when even my talented friends still struggle to make ends meet.

Like, even though I am following my heart and passion... I don't think there is a monetary reward for this. I don't have a Patreon in mind for this project, I don't see live shows in the forseeable future? But I'm prepared to see where the unknown takes me... And it could very well be any one of those options, or something completely unexpected. 

And isn't that ultimately what makes game shows interesting? People moving away from the sure-thing to take the risk in the unknown? 

I only hope, I'm not getting Zonked.   

Okay, it's almost 3am, I wrote for an hour. That's my cue to make sure this is in drafts and not published, because I usually post goodnight hamburgers instead.


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And to end the posting, here's that 538 personality test!  



Ladies and Gentlemen... I did the test, and here are the results...

As you can guess, I don't care about 538 Staffers


The biggest number I got was "Openness to Experience" but I don't know, I have a degree in television, a podcast about game shows, and yet the worst drug I have done recently was "a ton of energy drink that gives me a depressing mood around 4am where i feel I am wasting my time" l


Also, apparently, I am very high on the "agreeability" thing, because I am compassion and trustworthy? I mean, that's pretty cool, but I think it's because I have faith in the people I do trust, I am open to everybody at first, but I trust only those that share that passion 


This one is about conscientious, and I think the writers of this article is saying "you aren't a narc, so i guess you're fine, but also WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS" and it's very passive-aggressive and I am kind of laughing my ass off reading it. 


This one, regarding negative, is just an equilateral triangle. And the correct answer is - I get frustrated that things aren't moving, so I move onto the next idea, and hope it's better than the last one.

Other than that, the sadness comes from the fact I feel stagnant. 


And finally, i like how they want to determine how extroverted i am, and i range "50 percent" on sociability, and yet really high on Energy Level and Assertiveness.

This is the second highest number on the test, and I barely count other than just having energy to say HELLO. 

 I wonder if this info 538 collected will be used to determine if I'm going to vote Jill Stein or somebody in the 2020 election.