Struggle Session


So this week was a wild ride for me. I made it through a huge block of GUEST EPISODES for my podcast, Game Shows I Suppose, and something that I thought was going to be sporadic, turns out, I might actually need to schedule and record for (I'm rolling a new one out every Friday)

I still don't know how I managed to get ONE guest, let alone FOUR. So thanks Jack, Cait, Franklin and Brandon. You have no idea how much you guesting means to me, especially on such a young podcast where I thought "nobody would agree to this"

And hopefully, in the upcoming months, I could get others to come on. So if you  have a Niche podcast of your own (someone who loves horror movies to this), you have a leftist podcast (to fight back against Chuck Woolery), or are just a funny dude who I admire, please come onto my Podcast and let's talk game shows!

It's something I enjoy talking about, that I might as well hit record and talk about them... alone. But the guest episodes are a super fun as well. It's trying to juggle and find that perfect balance.

 Which leads me to something else...


That morning, I barely got any sleep. I don't think it was nerves or just fear of "walking up after the schedule", I think it was just problems sleeping the night before.

So I went on Twitter and Leslie Lee III tweeted this:

In which I did, over the weekend. I watched both documentaries, because it is something I do enjoy watching. In college, my background was in documentary filmmaking. I'm not saying I'm "great" at it, but they didn't have "game shows" and I'm not going "reality television" (a confessional is NOT a talking head, despite looking and acting very similar)

So anyway, as I was preparing for the episode with Jack Allison I got a message from Leslie wondering if I'll be on the show.

 Of course I would.

I jokingly said I have his co-host, but I'll gladly do it. But because it was FyreFraud vs Fyre: The Greatest Party that never was. I watched them casually the first time... I have time between now and when Jack comes on to be a damn professional and do what I normally do with documentary discussion - REWATCH THE DOCS AND TAKE TONS AND TONS OF NOTES

Consumate podcast guest @jordha preparing to talk #FyreFestival with us on @strugglesesh. Been waiting at his mic for 10 hours. This is how you guest on a pod, folks.
— Leslie Lee III

 I don't normally come prepared in podcasts. Game Shows is an outline of notes I want to say (how do you revive it? media at the time, role of women, etc.)  And FTC originally had notes, but it's best done Improvisational, much like my actual calls with friends.

But damn it, this is my moment.   

Struggle Session is my favorite Podcast and to me it's so weird, they got all these heavy hitters as guests from Chapo Trap House and Street Fight... and then there's me... I already felt out of my league.

But getting into the recording with JDB and Leslie, and already familar with Jack because I just finished the episode with him. It was relaxing, and I said it before and I'll say it again. 

Struggle Session really does care about you.

Jack and Leslie were very supportive of both my dumb podcasts and shared them on Twitter, they didn't have to. In the middle of preparing for the live show, JDB reached out on IG and asked if I'm okay because fires and evacuation.    And to me, I thought all I am was the $5 a month through their patreon, like most internet consumer/producer relationships. 

So I'm still so surprised I was able to be a guest on their show. And it surprised me it was on a subject I vaguely knew something about.

Anyway, there is a preview of it up on their main feed, and the full version is on their patreon. And it's worth the $5 (not just for my episode, but also for episodes like a deep dive into Nier Automatica, Watchmen and more)

Thanks again for having me on, and if you were here because of them, please check out my podcasts "Fun Time Calls" and "Game Shows I Suppose" they are both available on iTunes and Google Play and I believe also on Spotify as well.

Hopefully, I can use my influencer status to get a discount on my next sandwich at Firehouse Subs.