Formatting a podcast and more!


Anyway, here's a quick post to keep you updated on the podcast, Game Shows I Suppose!

1. Theme Song

it's the theme song to the game show that's going to be discussed tonight, if for some reason the theme song is not found, idk, something similar would be used?

2. News and Reviews 

anything updated in the world of game shows, any gimmicks coming up, any new shows in development, what's casting. 

if a show just debuted, a review of the show is discussed, mental samurai for instance is coming up. Also any retractions or errors.

3. Game Show lead-up 

A quick intro to the game show on today's episode, a short bio. And the guest introduced. 


 4. Guest Interview

The guest and Jordan talk game shows, the guest leads the show, it's their segment. Anything from revival discussion to confusion of game shows is discussed.  Explaining "the game" (Format) and "the show" (Presentation)

5. Follow Up 

To tie up loose ends that would otherwise be in the deep dive, it would be brought up here post interview.  Any plugs forgotten by guests, episodes, cancellations, etc.

6. Pricing Game Spotlight 

A 110-part series looking at EVERY pricing game from "The Price is Right". From Bonus Game to Gridlock! Going in order of debut. (A solo dive)

7. Questions 

If you have questions, or good hypothetical questions, it would be answered at the end. Send them in the contact form here or on Twitter @jordha or on the Discord, and I'll answer them!

8. Big Smooch 

The ending theme is played or some other theme song from the game show, idk it's something to end the episode.


Every episode is bookended. And I'm disappointed I couldn't get through a bunch of pricing games with guests, but I was still juggling the format.

 You want guests? I'll try and grab guests! If all else fails, I'll grab a friend or do it by myself!

 Please reach out to me if you want to be on the show, we got good guests coming on down!