Have a Good Summer


hi friends, it's been a while, it's time for another update, I gotta do something with this more often.

anyway, night night in twitch has a cool set, I enjoy making it, however, i find myself fearful my computer might crash and that might end the run. I like the look and feel, but the problem is the last few weeks had no real news stories to discuss just videos to watch, and I just don't want this twitch show to be pinned down, if it gets political and talks about awful people trying to get diverse voices out of hobbies that have created consumer identities, or if it's just a fun loving show where I get excited about ice cream, who knows?  but I want to keep that going, but I might do Monday and Friday, but Wednesday was meant for catch up, so who knows? I hope you all like it, please use your twitch sub on me, I hope to be myself still.

Because the last two are the real juggles, kirbysclubhouse, while fun because I can get a bit more political and in depth of the game and nerdy stuff, I did it originally because I wanted something that had guests and friends talking and it would always rotate, but I'm finding fatigue most in something that takes the less amount of effort, maybe it is good to find a different date? Maybe something else eentirely.

The other podcast, fun time calls, is probably my favorite thing, it's me, and my friends Ian and Jack and it becomes a surreal show that's part bits, part fast conversation, and it just feels chaotic yet enjoyable... my problem stems with editing the show as I input sound effects and sometimes pull bad jokes or insert sfx and other jokes. It takes hours to make, but it seems like I don't advertise it that much... It's on iTunes! Check it out! 

 outside of internet stuff...

I finished Spider-Man for PS4, and it's a really good video game. I think it's the best Spiderman game by far, but some of my problems with Arkham Games are still in this, including my hate of stealth and jump scares. But I got Spiderman in their underwear on Avengers tower so that was really good!


the other thing I did was start watching VRV, I signed up a day BEFORE the announcement of 90s Nick shows showing up, and fell in love. Not only is it home to some of my favorite seeso shows (Hidden America, MY BROTHER MY BROTHER AND ME) but also some crunchy roll stuff (dragon ball super, Yuri on ice) and also I got a couple shows I watched and enjoy and felt the need to give them a great shout out, because I could!

  Hardcore Tabletop  by Rooster Teeth is very good, I only knew rooster teeth over a decade ago as a fan of Red vs Blue, but I barely know any of the people on the show, or the references, but the presentation is what sells it, as it's comedic yet also played like a high stakes game of Monopoly (as they play with real money, and there is a jail under the table) it's really really good, it makes me understand a bit of YouTube culture and wanting to "be with your friends on the internet"

Talking Toons with Rob Paulsen       from Nerdist is also on VRV and it's the most fascinating talk show as the guests themselves are voice over artists talking about the trade, how they got involved and the projects they love and the business they enjoy, Rob is very delightful, with plenty of stories from his decades in voice acting, and seeing the variations, from video games to anime to online content and the classic and modern cartoons you know and love. You get to appreciate what it takes in the industry (and he was successfully able to sell me into a few books here and there for my own selfish reasons)

Running Man is the last show to discuss, it comes from DramaFever, and it's a fascinating Korean "variety show" that is tough to describe except as "never-ending game show" each episode has a new game featuring celebrity guests, crazy outcomes and hilarious moments that could only be a cross between "Impractical Jokers" with the reactions and punishments and the ensemble cast and a game show like "The Amazing Race" with a new location every episode. The fact the show hasn't ended yet speaks volumes to the shows success and translates amazingly for Western viewers here in America. I assure you, if you love things like taskmaster, you would enjoy this game show!

Now I gotta go sleepy time!