So, I decided to make a podcast on the internet again. I do not know if this is good or not, but I thought it was funny. I hope you enjoy this podcast that has a name, I think it is called "Fun Time Calls", there is no prank calls on this podcast, but I think the fun comes from the discussions in the calls, because that's why it's called fun time calls.

Also, I don't like skittles. I like sour skittles more.







So, let's do some updating! 

 As you can see, webcomic is now here. I'm gonna do that sparringly, because Microsoft Paint is wonky.

Also, I do a show called NIGHT NIGHT that's on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY around 8pm PST.

 We look at internet stuff, watch YouTube videos, analyse game shows and more.

 I paid money for this background!


That's the place to find it, subscribe and also I'm trying to get a discord going because that's what all the cool people are doing now.

But I'm trying to set a limit to keep out any bad eggs. 


I want to update this more. But honestly, there isn't much that I haven't been saying on Night Night. 

I don't care about E3 anymore because it's just celebrating commercials for things to buy. 

But that being said I did scribble down some of my favorite games from E3


I pre-ordered most of them, others like Yakuza Kiwami 2 I already pre-ordered before E3... 

Here are a few bullet point notes as well

  • As much as I'm excited about double dare being revived, I am concerned the production was rushed and it came across as cheap. 
  • I've been binging on chapo trap house, and I think it's a very good Podcast in how they present the news and call bullshit to all the grifters
  • Quick food review - Yoshinoya is 2 out of 5 stars
  • Ready Player One is bad. Painfully bad. I like nerdy stuff, but it feels creatively bankrupt, and the sort of movie that would enable Funko Pop collectors and crypto mining. If it's 2045, why get nostalgic about 80s and 90s stuff? If it's "because we need the data for this Easter egg game", what if you don't care about this online game? What happened afterwards? Where is the 2020s, 2030s and 2040s nostalgia then? Should people get excited for North West?
  • Abolish ICE

quick update


So, it's time for a quick update but here it goes...

 Night Night is doing great, I think I found the niche for the show, as I am trying to get a good rhythm. It's on twitch, the problem with stream is still the computer.

I updated my website to be just the blog, the about and "webcomic", webcomic the webcomic is something I've been doing on and off for nearly a decade, but I figured crude drawings and walls of text would make for something different so here you go. 

I also pulled the idea vault and portfolio, because those are pretty much for my eyes only or employers. But because nothing is happening right now, I'm just going to assume I'm bad for business. 

So now I'm trying to figure out how to fix that. If I have a podcast what would it be about? Should I do it fast or slow? I don't know what it should be even about. Would anybody even listen? Probably not. 

i was thinking about something recently. And it's going to be weird... but follow me on this  children's broadcasting.

I've been watching old Bill Nye and Nick News, and these shows got kids interested in science and current events and brought it down to a level for them to understand. 

Most parents just give their kids a iPhone and YouTube and expect Spiderman and Elsa doing the Harlem shake to babysit them, but the problem tests in auto play and it gets awful. 

I understand kids love PewDiePie and let's plays, but I'm finding it more fascinating looking at "today I found out", or "William Osman" and other people who just show their fascinations with things... That sense of Discovery. 

Last year, kids love slime videos, but rarely did anybody explain the chemistry that goes into creating non-newtonian fluid.

And sorry, but trying to find the videos usually leads to awful people who dislike any sort of social justice or progress... Which in my mind, defeats why we learn and grow and develop. 

Are there any good resources to get kids to know about STEM? What about the arts and humanities? is there somebody that can explain climate change? What does it mean to be Muslim? What did transgender mean? 

Mister Rogers taught us to love ourselves, and we are special by just being ourselves... But I don't see that today. 

I think that person is out there, but I doubt it could be me. Because I do have a very foul mouth. 

But I have a background in TV, I almost got all my education credits while in school. I could try. 

The simplest of things like algebra or the electoral college or scary things like divorce and death. 

Some say it's unnecessary, but I'm starting to be skeptical and think it's necessary now more than ever.

Here's to you Linda, Bill and Fred. 

I gotta confess


I don't normally vent here. But this is my website and I need to update it with SOMETHING. But lately, I've just been riding the wave, basically torn between production and writing and being just another person ranting about stuff on the internet.

 But one thing that's been stuck in my head, is that of reality television. I enjoy an "amazing race" and think "big brother" is the training wheels to get game show fans into reality competition.

But I haven't really said something that would get me pretty much blacklisted from every production house  I hate confessionals.

If you don't know what a confessional is, basically since the dawn of reality television with shows like "the real world" there have been "the confessional", where a character (because in the world of reality TV, they aren't human, they are characters) give their "honest thoughts" on the subject.

On reality competition, it's strategy and game plan, or the crappier "explain what's going on right in front of you" (so-and-so and I are hanging on to a bar for as long as possible) 

And some game shows, like Weakest Link or divided use them as well to show conflict... 

And the worst abuser of them all, is documentary. The kind of garbage you see like House hunters, to The Kardashian show of the week, to the one with dating people. 

It's horrendous. But mostly, at least to me, they only serve one thing - the producers. 

The producers already recorded all this footage of people in a game or eating dinner or something. Then they need to have "conflict" to have an episode. 

So, given all these hours of footage, they chop together stuff to make something sound coherent. 

Maybe so and so had a dinner conversation about wanting a dog, and somebody didn't want a dog that a perfect time to then a few weeks later get them into a green screen studio or a couch and have them say lines like "I want a dog, here's why" and "I don't want a dog, here's why" and then try and create a story about the compromise, maybe get footage at a rescue shelter, maybe show the guy angry stepping in dog shit, that's what we get. 

And honestly, I'm pretty sure at this point, audiences don't even believe these confessionals anymore. They are either staged to get the players to say what is necessary, or it's just rambling nonsense that's equatable to somebody angry on YouTube that Cartoon Network isn't the same as it was when they were a kid (this is a evergreen opinion, because CHILDHOOD vs KIDS THESE DAYS)

But the confessional, it's ANNOYING to me, it's ANNOYING on shows like The Office and Modern Family, it's ANNOYING when game shows try to do that to get some sort of sob story. 

It's just annoying. 

All it is, at least to me, is duct tape for a show to get something together. The same way when you see a documentary have just a talking head say something instead of showing it off. 

I am a firm believer in show not tell, and the confessional is pure tell.

An interview with people is fine if it's outside the boundary of the show. But it always feels pieced together in a way that makes it seem like we need a hero and a villain and a conflict.

Is this our future? Are we going to have confessionals on Wheel of Fortune?  People explaining why they bought a vowel? 

It's an instant turn off for me, and sometimes it pains me to see that used more and more in shows. I don't even like it on Bake-Off. 

I understand you want points of view and it helps in that regard, but it takes me immediately away from the action on screen. 

If you're going to tell me, it better be things the producers can't obtain or recreate.  

It's things like the confessional, that make me less motivated to be in this weird industry. 

I'm going to drink a coffee while somebody either says Something positive about me, something because about me or it's me talking about drinking the damn coffee that you clearly see.

Get rid of it, it's unnecessary.

Talking Taskmaster


As you know, game shows are sort of "my thing", the same way Nightwing is, or hamburgers, or awkward video game moments... Okay I might need to trim some of these down.

So I was excited to find out that Taskmaster, a popular (600,000 viewers on DAVE!) game show is coming to the US! 


 The show is split into two segments - on location and in studio.

 On each season (or series) 5 contestants, all of which are famous in the world of entertainment (mostly comedy, in various forms) are given a multitude of tasks (challenges) to compete with a time limit.

Some are straight forward like "find alex the fastest" (Alex is the Creator of the show, and in this show plays assistant and umpire, and data person)   to something that could require creativity ("Eat this egg the fastest") to ones that involve creativity ("create a movie that would look really cool in slow motion") 

After they were filmed and edited, they are all taken in studio, where they meet the Taskmaster for the first time, (Greg Davies, AND YOU WILL OBEY HIM, or not, he's pretty friendly actually) 

It is there they find out what they are played for in "the prize task", something each contestant brings in that fits a criteria (Recently: "best liquid", previously: "hippest headwear" "important document") to which Taskmaster ranks from best to worst for points (5/4/3/2/1) 

Then, one of the tasks are shown, sometimes split up by person, sometimes grouped up (sometimes in teams) as they look back at what they did, what strategies they were done, and if anybody broke the rules.

Concluding with a "Live Task" that all 5 compete in that's in studio (usually 100 seconds) with whoever scoring the most points that episode winning the 5 items from the prize task! 

  (In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker task is shown quickly)

The points are banked with the highest scorer of points throughout all the episodes winning the real grand prize - the Taskmaster Trophy (a bust of the Taskmaster) 


What makes the show work so well is the diversity in the casting, mixed with the budget, it's cheap!

But while on other game shows, cheapness is met with distain, Taskmaster uses it to their advantage, as anybody could theoretically get the same items at home and play the same challenges! (Without the scorn of Greg of course) 

There is lateral thinking in this show, where if the task involved limitations like "you may not touch the item", you could instruct Alex or a production assistant to touch the item for you. Or if they paid attention to the room, there could have been bonus points or loss of points, and that's rarely shown on television.

 So it's fun for me to come up with ideas for tasks on the show.


And it's fun to watch how others go through these challenges, some are just bad, others amazing, and you get everything in between.

Taskmaster is in its 6th season in the UK, and is currently airing.

I recommend watching this show for the mix of discussions and the tasks. 


Which leaves me to Taskmaster USA. A slightly truncated version of the game show, instead of 44 minutes, it runs 22 minutes, and only enough time to get through 2 video tasks and a live task.

Is it good? Is it bad? It's really whatever. 

There is no prize task anymore, instead one contestant out of the five brings in "something they don't want to lose" and it's a game of personal possessions. 


American audiences do not like seeing their stuff played for, they like to win, not lose, and even if it's played for laughs, never works out. Just look at FOX's BIG DEAL, MTV's TRASHED, or ABC's DOWNFALL if you need to know why. 

It sounds like during a pitch about this show - somebody brought up the prize task as "they bring in their own possessions" unaware that more often, they just buy something that is silly enough to fit a criteria for a joke. ("Bring in the most money" with foreign money or play money) 

It honestly should just be scrapped altogether, but if you needed "stakes" I guess that works? 

While it is only two tasks, they seem to break it into two types - a "rank" task (best wins) and a fastest/most task. 

Unlike Greg,  Reggie Watts does not play "authoritarian", but rather a heightened version of himself, he's regal, but with his judgements, he critiques as somebody who is an expert on creativity, almost like a cross between a Television Executive and the viewer at home wondering why they went a certain way. 

And I will say it - he is splendid as Taskmaster, he is somebody you enjoy as a leader and authority figure, even if some of the calls you might disagree with. And it is pretty American.


Which one is better? I would say the UK version, solely because of the hour long time limit.

Making it half the time, speeds up the tasks and you lose the banter and debate of the UK edition that makes it great.

The prize task, to me, is a quick insight on the contestants if you're new to the show, as you figure out their thoughts on simple suggestions., a lack of it, takes the fun out of it.

If you were going to do a new season of this and it needed to be half an hour, I would eliminate a prize task, with an actual "prize task" .

Before the game, each player suggested 4 things they want if they won (a vacation, a new car, etc)

And then each of those are sent to one of the opponents, (and predetermined on the show) 

So the final task isn't a live task, but a contestant seeing their prize task. (A contestant opens the envelope to see "present the winner with immortality in studio, you  have one month") to then the prize is revealed, even if it's slightly corrupted.

That's not to say it's bad, HOWEVER. given they put it on Friday Nights at 11 o'clock in back to back episodes, it sounds like they are burning off the show and giving it a fast cancellation. 

Which is slightly upsetting, but as long as it's still around on Dave, there isn't any hope lost!

 I'll leave you now with this task.


I'm Broke.


Okay, that's a very misleading headline. If that came across as clickbait, I'm sorry. 

 I make "an ok amount" of money, i have enough to get by, but when it comes to economics, I don't think I have as much of a disposable income as others.

And that's what today's subject is about - disposable income.  As technology changes we have so many subscription services that PER MONTH, you get stuff, physical or not.

You might have heard some of these from time to time, as they are podcast sponsors.

Netflix, Hulu Plus, WWE Network, Crunchyroll, YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, and soon, stuff from Disney and DC Comics


And that's not including any of the subscription box services, that just involve some variation of "a shirt and a Funko" 

But it's getting out of control, and because I like to be honest, I am going to tell you, the reader, all my subscriptions! 

Cable Subscription - Spectrum   (With HBO and showtime)   

Because as much as I would love to cut the cord, I'm a firm believer that we might see a new television Renaissance real soon, as cable TV gave us niche, and internet gave us whatever you wanted, you're going to see Television, almost turn into a Twitch style with tons of live programming and more revivals of shows you vaguely remember.


It seems every day, they have something new, and they rotate out the content that isn't their own, but they gave a platform to the new Mystery Science Theater, they have Arrested Development, and if I wanted to, I could watch a couple movie classics.

They also have The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, so I have to subscribe, now somebody can watch weird Television with me! 


This one might be on my unsubscribe list soon, as the last thing I saw was the documentary on The Dana Carvy show, and they really have nothing I watch.

Reality Shows aren't game shows, my friend. And I hate confessionals way more than you think.   It's ticky-tacky for editors to create a story out of nothing. AND I MIGHT WANT TO VENT ON THAT SOON


I don't have a Patreon myself, I thought about it, but I honestly don't know what to put up that makes it "worth it", a podcast? More articles? I don't know!  But if you have any ideas, send them to me on patreon. Let me know what you enjoy.

But for me, I think Patreon is the place to go for content creators, so I dropped a few dollars to Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert's "What a Cartoon" and "Talking Simpsons" podcasts

Because as I said earlier - I really love when people share their love of stuff with the world, and I think they deserve the love as well. The episode about Steven Universe is really good (as Henry talks about a personal connection with the show) 

And Two Bad Neighbors episode of The Simpsons, where Bob chats with a couple people from Chapo about politics that make it hilarious! 

 I would love to donate to more people, and unfortunately this is why I get frustrated sometimes. I want to help so many people, but man, I could barely afford a $60 at launch these days!


F4W Video 

So I recently unsubscribed to the WWE Network, because it's mostly terrible. I usually just subscribe from Royal Rumble through WrestleMania (about 3 months) and move on afterwards.

But my guilty pleasure show has to be The Bryan and Vinny Show on Figure 4 Weekly

Originally, an audio podcast, they have moved into video, where now you can see facial reactions to their recap of pay per views, speaking out of experience, and in entertainment.  

Every week, they have 3 episodes:   Retro Raw and Nitro (from "the 90s", and spoilers - it's terrible!) With their funny friend Craig! A modern episode of NXT (WITH GRANNY!) and a Sunday Grabbag, that is either an 80s WCW show or the most recent pay per view event.

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb has been the first subscription service I've used, I love Unprofessional Fridays as a show, but the video game content at Giant Bomb remains my favorite.

I don't really watch that many "let's plays" or twitch streamers, but something about building a robot in Nintendo Labo, Garfield Video Games, 50 Turn Mario Party Match-Ups and Killing each other in The Sims 4, that just makes it exciting! 

The guy who got married at a Taco Bell and the White Guy from The Blinking White Guy meme went though all the Metal Gear Solid games!

Amazon Prime

When it comes down to it, I'm happy with the shipping, and the bonus of a place where I could watch all the star wars movies. 

I enjoy all the snack of the month ideas, but ultimately, I like being in control of my destiny, and I choose what dumb stuff I want to buy. 

I liked Nick Box, but everything was plushes, which are cheap to make

I liked loot crate, but it felt like I wasn't getting my money's worth (or what if I don't care for Harry Potter?) 

Ultimately, I'm happy just pre-ordering stuff, ignoring it until it shows up to my doorstep and I get surprised. 


Yes and No, excluding cable, and you are looking at about $900 a year  (hey, $10 a month at 12 months is $120, give or take)

Additionally, while I love video games, I'm getting annoyed by DLC, lootcrates and ways video games just can't come up with a proper ending (this includes sequels)

But much like confessionals, I'm saving "say goodbye" for a later date. 

But it seems that is a new business tactic, movie pass did well, but now they are pulling the strings to make sure you don't take advantage (4 a month!) 

GameStop was going to have a rental service, but that seems to be missing... 

And all I have to figure out is. 

"Ah damn it, I forgot Xbox Live and PLAYSTATION plus, oh well, no going back to edit that list now" 

This is the new way of business, some companies want you there as long as possible (Netflix) while others want to make sure you forget they exist and collect per month (Hulu) 

Others want to disappoint you, or surprise you. 

But ultimately, if you think it's worth it, then go for it! 

But I'm just a bit weary about what this means in, everything. 

Is it capitalism? Is it silicon valley? I don't know. 

No Video Games Here


It's snacktacular Jordan here, reminding you that chips have a high sodium content that could lead to dehydration - so drink plenty of water!

I haven't updated this blog in a few weeks because I barely had much to talk about. Nothing new happened. No new movies no new video games, I've just been watching YouTube videos and trying to get sleep.

While I see the benefit of this blue filter night light, it hasn't done much on assisting me in getting more sleep. A real struggle recently is coming up with a nice sleep pattern, which hasn't been achievable.

The most recent video game I played was Kirby Star Allies, which I will say is "alright", on my current financials, I have roughly $100 to spend on entertainment (if we deduct Netflix and all that, it's about $60) . Which means I could just about buy ONE video game a month.

 Yakuza 6 looks very fun, as does the most recent God of War, but my computer is very laggy and I might just need to save up, so I could get better equipment for writing or making games.

But right now, E3 is looking and that means  hyping everything until you lose interest 

And I dislike it, it should also be the time to watch movies like Avengers : Weekend At Thanos or Deadpool 2, either way it has Josh Brolin.

 But instead, I'm just in a wormhole.

I'm watching The Crystal Maze and Theme Park YouTube. 


Most of you already know The Crystal Maze is one of my favorite game shows from the UK. It incorporates this fantasy style of game show that's like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, mixed with quick activities that are speedy.

Completing challenges warn the mcguffin , Failing earn nothing, but taking too long, and you could lose that mcguffin.

It could be trivia, it could be a skill based show, or just a basic physical challenge, or a simple puzzle, the variety makes it great. And it's one show I wouldn't mind coming over here. 

They recently received the show in the UK, although more formatted as the host/producers determine the games, and there is a limit of just 10 games (2 per player, up to 2/3/3/2 in the four zones) that makes the game feel slow and treats it like a game show that nobody wanted to participate in, which in turn makes it so the audience should have no investment in.  

Even if the stakes are low, a good host can make everybody seem invested in  the game. Richard O'Brien is great at this, because even if a contestant is doing badly, he is entertaining you into continuing.

It's an absolute delight and I would probably spend more time on this, because imagine a Wild West,  Space, Dock/Warehouse and the classical Medieval to expand the world.

It's a show I'm just binging on. 


Also, I've been really enjoying that of Theme Park YouTube. I finished up the Defunctland series and each episode is self contained to tell a story of a new Attraction at the theme park, the creation, the launch and eventually, it's failure. What worked and didn't work with a bit of humor, like the idea of Pleasure Island having "A Magical TGI Friday's"

If it's one thing I enjoy on YouTube, it's people making videos with knowledge and passion, and theme park YouTube comes from this pure love of attractions, and it's just something that is missing in this world. 

As I said in an earlier post, the way to fight all this negative and hate is with positivity, and even though we are looking at shortcomings and failures, each episode is coming from a place of admiration, rather than spite!

You could find various videos from other people enjoying their theme park day and sharing it on YouTube

One such channel is that of Magic Journeys that goes through all the food at Disneyland (and Walt Disney World) and while the average person will go "wait, a churro is HOW MUCH", they aren't seeing the theme park in rose (gold) colored glasses, and if something is just not up to par, they will tell you.

These people do Disney, pretty much how I would do Disney, and it makes me happy seeing videos like this. Not because "hey I'm not alone in my weird antics" but also because these come from a place of love.


I'm still hoping something good happens here soon, but "nothing much" so far.

I might not do much on the internet these days, but man it's so much fun seeing what others are doing. 

I was also in the most recent "I'd Rather Not" podcast, which you could listen here

  If you have any questions, feel free to ask over at:

I now leave you with me holding an ice cream


Weekend Ideas


I'm not going to promote this post, but this weekend I'm probably going to just go to Salt and Straw and finally try some fun flavors. I haven't been but wish me luck!

 I spent the last few days messing around with a few image editing apps and did some pretty bad memes (which you could see from the image above)

The slump is kicking in again where i do feel like I'm running out of ideas and when that happens, I panic, so that means I'm going to try something new, and I think that's why I did that. 

Also, please look at so you can make an informed choice at the ballot box. 

I should probably see The Last Jedi or Ready Player One or Love, Simon among other movies, there is a huge backlog for me.




also, should I actually go to Denny's and try these items? It seems silly, but something I would do, as I do enjoy Han Solo, and I am kinda sorta looking forward to his movie.

But right now, my brain feels melty, and I am watching what I missed at WrestleMania because of a stomach flu...  

But I think something good is going to happen soon, I just don't know when or what! 

Lost on the Internet


So, it's been a weird few weeks. I have had a stomach flu, I've been having sad slumps, and trying to figure out what to do next.

Currently, I've been twitch streaming, but I don't know how long I can keep that up, which I know is important. I think it's boring, I don't have much to bounce off of, and my computer is lagging a bit even on loading websites. 

The less I get involved online, the less I know the current events. But recently, I saw drama unfold with something I'm familiar with. In 2011, I had a website that sad pretty mean things about a few internet reviews, at the time, I didn't know any better, I was REALLY DEPRESSED, friends went away, I didn't know how to deal with bisexuality, and I messed up. .. I barely spoke about it, except in passing, because I was embarrassed by the content and language.  But recently, a bunch of content creators came forward with problems they had with the website, some left years ago, others as recent as today.  But I didn't know what to do. I felt that other times, it wasn't right, but this time, because it was more personal, and people I've grown to know as friends were in situations that I couldn't believe we're happening even back when I was a jerk.  I have to apologize to all those I messed with in my past, and I would like to believe I've gotten better, but this event is really my ultimate test. .. and so far, all I could do is say these content creators deserved better! I wish I had the power to make a better website to fix this, to make sure the content creators had a place to promote their Patreon and entertaining reviews and retrospectives and just factual videos among other things. But, ultimately, I know all I could do is sit in the sidelines and tell jokes with the actual people that should matter - these victims.  I know I can not reverse the actions of myself from almost a decade ago, but I do know I can be a better person by hearing them out, sharing their content and actually caring.

If it's one thing that's missing not just online, but in the real world - it's people lacking empathy.

We do not care about our neighbor anymore, we have decided being selfish is all that matters, and if I screw you over - it's your fault, not mine.  

I think we need to show kindness, we need to show positivity, even though things might look bad, I think the way to fight all this evil, all the garbage, is simple WITH LOVE 

It's so easy to say things are bad or terrible or sucks... But it's more rewarding to fight that with positive, things that are good. 

Looking at these content creators now - it's no longer "fuck this piece of shit" and somebody having a fake meltdown, it's people showing stuff they love, even if it's quirky, out of their own interests. 

But that's the secret - love and passion for their hobby. Not "identify by my hobby" and see things as threats, but being welcoming to New ideas, or crazy ideas, and even if they flop, what made them interesting in the first place! 

I'm this weird theory I have if you give love, you will get love back.

This means, it's perfectly okay to shout into the void, because most likely, in this big internet that we talk with, you'll find somebody that loves that thing as much as you do... And have friends!  

And it doesn't have to be a big major thing like Sonic the Hedgehog or something obscure as Mario Party. 

I honestly didn't know there was a Game Show fanbase until i had the internet. No matter how obscure, there is somebody there. 

And if there isn't, I know if you post about it, somebody will find that fascinating. 

Everybody has an interest, the secret is to not let it be your identity, and not let it over take you that you need to gatekeep who "isn't a true fan" and who "is killing video games".

I think there are people who haven't quite figured that out yet, and just sit on the sideline and wait til somebody on YouTube "destroys" that person, they want to be passive or stay in the center...

But those people, are quite boring, and most likely are your typical edgelord contrarian looking to capitalize on the popular thing, by saying, maybe it's bad???

You had a harassment campaign a few years back where people gatekeep people's opinions on games (turns out people hate it when you speak about progressive ideology like "body positivity" or "queer protagonists")  and if you are a developer making a game with such things, you are "shoving it in our throats" which is crazy hyperbole, because nobody is forced to play anything...

And this continued with comic books, where they harass women who work at marvel, or when comic books provide storylines that -gasp- are political! And not just political - PROGRESSIVE! 

And at no point, did somebody wonder why they like comic books in the first place? Why instead of trying to ruin something that gives people of color inspiration (like black panther) they look at the books they do enjoy? (I'm guessing it's Frank Miller?) Nobody is taking away that past, you can't get in a time machine and make the 1990s WWF Attitude Era go away.

If you hate the modern WWE for having somebody like Finn Balor promote something like acceptance for LGBTQ+, you can rewatch the same five minutes of triple h telling the godfather's to "suck it" , because that's what you love... 

Focus on the stuff you love and get rid of the hate, and life will be better.

You don't need to spite somebody to get that "checkmate", you just need to celebrate the stuff you love. 

There wouldn't be a High Times magazine if somebody wasn't interested in it. 

There wouldn't be unboxing videos on YouTube if someone didn't enjoy the unknown. 

Speaking from experience, there is no joy in harming others, it only makes you feel good temporarily, but eventually you either lose all remorse, or you figure out that  that's not you. 

So if this becomes a website where I write about Nightwing or Game Shows or Board Games, then do be it.

Because it's better to do something out of love, than ever out of petty. 

And I hope you join me for the ride, or at the very least, this fast article.

The Black Velvet Cupcake


I really miss the Black Velvet Cupcake at Sprinkles. It was chocolate on chocolate and it was really good. I wish I had one on my birthday. But I think it will be back for Halloween.  It's my favorite cupcakes.

Let's Get Political!


It has come to this, a political blog post, something that hasn't been done ever on the internet...

There used to be a saying "Never talk about politics or religion in polite company", but as it turns out, being apolitical is still Political (which it is) as is any sort of piece ever created.

Roseanne Season 10 debuted last night, with impressive ratings, unsure if it's because of nostalgia for Barr or just because John Goodman's character didn't actually die like we thought...

I enjoyed this finale, it ended on a depressing note, but one that was a bit optimistic... So when I heard they brought it back, it was questionable.

Roseanne ran as Green Party and then as Trump surrugate, tweeting against transgender people in 2012. 

 But I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and it follows the same notes as Roseanne, in a new neurotic atmosphere with the family divided because of the election. Economic Anxiety being the reason for one, while the social behavior of a Little Donnie being too much for the other.

That to have an episode where a character wants to wear whatever they want to wear (THE BOY WHO WANTS TO WEAR GIRL CLOTHES, IN THIS AMERICA?) is just weird in this world of gender dysphoria, non-binary acceptance and the constant fashion trend of androgyny.

The characters aren't as well rounded as they used to, and are almost seen as the one dimensional characters, with Dan playing the good husband trying to just live day to day oblivious of the disasters in the household.

If Fuller House could work, so could Roseanne...   for better or worse.


The main talking point I keep seeing from the Smug Grumpingtons of the world is that "It's a good show BECAUSE it's speaking positively about Trump and it's a show against the LIBERAL BIAS"

I hate to say this, but everything has a bias. Social Studies, which is Geography, History, Sociology, etc is actually intended for you to understand different cultures and the mistakes people have made, and lessons on frustration, it's not meant to be patriotic, every leader had flaws...

Nobody is pure, everybody has faults.

I say this because, while we are always championing and fighting for "good", there will always be somebody that you want to be as your ally, but then has a share of fuck ups.

The severity of this depends, they might still call things "gay", they might actually have fucked over people in labor, or worse. 

The problem with liberals, self flagellation in finding that perfect bean, when you know you've also fucked up, and trying to appeal to everybody, when you have ACTUAL FACTS ON YOUR SIDE.

The problem with conservatives, not accepting responsibility for their own actions and being selfish in caring about themselves and nobody else. 

I, have fucked up, many, many times. I said hurtful things to people online, and not been a better ally to people, I know I could get better, others don't.

  When others don't, that's when they stay stagnant, and where the status quo shows up.


There was marching for civil rights on the 60s, but nobody took steps to give minorities that step up, let alone getting rid of the toxic behavior of the clan.

Women fought for the right to vote and be in the workplace, but then when pay gaps happen, or sexual harassment happens, they turned away. 

And don't be coy and say "is complimenting somebody harassment"? For Christs sake Seth, you're single and have complained about not having a girlfriend every day for six years, you are one dick pic away from HR reprimanding you, that is if HR actually does something. 

Most of the people fighting now, get mocked online and on television, because in some circles "well we did everything", but honestly, when you had an AIDS epidemic and did nothing...

And yes, it's mostly FOX News. 

The Nazis in Charlottesville, they are just practicing their free speech, BUT HOW DARE THESE PARKLAND KIDS SPEAK AGAINST GUNS

We need to respect the President of the United States, unless it's Obama, then we need to undermine his presidency because he has a different skin color than me, or screw it, throw Muslims under the bus as well, because they do this praying on a carpet and speak an arabic prayer WHICH ISN'T AMERICAN ENGLISH, AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE HEBREWS.


What I mostly see is failed actresses and comedians looking to finally get that last break in entertainment, so they decide conservativism is the way to go. They love jokes about stereotypes! WHO SAID REPUBLICANS CAN'T DO COMEDY? (many people, actually)

And it works, just ask every contrarian complaining about how people losing their parents to ICE, or being assaulted for being LGBT or just having a pizza place is "playing the victim", while crying foul because an educated college student knows you're only there for publicity through spewing hate.

Treating "Socialism" like it's the devil, yet celebrating programs LIKE Military and Police for keeping our country safe.

Blaming "public schools" for the kids sharing their toys instead of buying two, or public libraries for giving people access to literature, both fictional and factual, and the internet.

We have fire fighters, we have playgrounds and maintenance, and hopefully, environmental protection so there is safe water to drink. 

No singular party has control over who loves their country most, but what you see is patriotism disgusted as a cultured identity, which Peter Coffin talks about on YouTube and in his book 

We spend so much time encouraging kids to go to college, that we've made degrees practically worthless. 

We've spent so much time telling people to join a military, and never took the time to take care of them if they return. 

Generations have good intentions, but sometimes fails, and instead of blaming things like the capitalist system we have (you think Bezos could maybe give his employees healthcare?)  and the electoral system that got Don elected (he was a champion for popular vote originally!)

We decided to blame "the kids". 

Kids are eating avocado toast to get a house. 

Kids get degrees with little value like ART or HUMANITY than BUSINESS

And that's not true, the kids who got degrees got fucked over just as much as those that dropped out or never showed up to college in the first place. ..

They can't afford healthcare let alone car iinsurance, and if they did, it's for Uber or Lyft.

We have resorted to Kickstarter for our dreams and passions.

We look towards gofundme for our disasters and slipups

Our creative culture is now a tip jar known as patreon and ko-fi.

And even then, it's not enough to survive.



the icon, at the top of the page, is the symbol for politics - A Bernie Sanders Funko Pop.

Bernie Sanders had a campaign on Democratic Socialism, where the top 1% isn't helping out the rest, and to celebrate - here's a piece of plastic that costs $10 that you can keepsake like a Hallmark ornament so you can go "oh yeah I remember him", much like Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy or WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

Our economy is based on consumers, and our politics have become consumer identity. 

Much like how you "aren't a true fan" of a band unless you get a concert tee, you aren't a true MAGA unless you get the RCoD (Red Cap of Deplorable)

You know who is the truly oppressed? Gamers. That's why you need to riot at Polygon for not giving that AAA video game you enjoy (and also part of your brand) a score that's less than 9.5!   It's apparently just as bad as apartheid in South Africa!

And if you're thinking "these are shitty", it's okay, I understand, feminism, that's why you need to buy this "#YASQUEEN"  shirt to really SHOVE IT TO THESE GUYS


Mockingbird had this cover, and it was controversial because little biddy boys are upset it's spreading "the social justice" (which is just another term for human rights, but)

But hey, because of that negative, mockingbird gets attention, and then a group of people will spend money to "make a point"

Granted, most marvel stories, hell most comic book stories are slanted to be "leftist propaganda", because as it turns out, Superman was an illegal alien from Krypton and the X-Men is nothing more than civil rights debate because mutuants are no different than humans, but because of that sight difference, might be "scary".

With the lesson being don't be scared of people's differences, be scared of a world full of hate. 


But to flip it, hatred was a video game that came out a few years back that had a dull edgelord shoot up and kill a neighborhood of people.

People took offense (this was pre-vegas and Orlando) so similarly, it gets publicity it normally wouldn't want, and dipshits buy it to illustrate a point.

And honestly, that's the new normal


The "marketplace of ideas" is just attention now

The economy is all about spending money on "your politics" , which is also just a company brand that you can stand behind.

Boycott companies for unfair treatment, but ultimately buying because you can't find cheaper. 

Getting rid of Facebook, but keeping it up because of your images and contact with Grandma.

Venting at Twitter for not having better moderation, yet still using the service because there isn't a competitor.

(No, this isn't a "HATE CAPITALISM BUT USE SMARTPHONE" argument, but you know if they got rid of minimum wage in this country, we would see States competing for the bid to get apple to build their tech here for literally pennies) 

The sad part is, there is no way to fix this, with Trump it really is a war on intelligence and facts. ..

The base will be willing to eat tide pods if it means upsetting somebody with intelligence to know "hey that's bleach, don't eat that" 

They don't care, they have nothing to lose, except the guns they  bought under Obama out of fear he'll take them away.

He didn't, and now a few hundred have died since he left office...

The economy, is bad.

And it's not illegals to blame, it's not Muslim Americans, and it's unfortunately not MAGApatriot73747477 on Twitter who may or may not be a Russian Bot. 

It's our capitalist system and our lack of retraining those laid off, and giving solutions that have longevity

The "Trickle Down" isn't trickling, there isn't incentives for them to do so.

The Tax System is broken where we're going to end up having to take care of each other, while those that could afford to drop $5,000,000 for new offices and hires keeps it for themselves because of loopholes.

The manufactures and miners, can't be in something else. 

And if Blockbuster is replaced by Netflix, and Borders is down,  what will happen to Barnes and Noble?

Is MoviePass going to help the movie industry? 

Is Real Estate going to burst again? 

What about another dotcom bust? 

In reality, everybody is on credit, and we're paying with credit (and some debit) online and on a wing and a prayer that we could someday pay it all off!

 And we, could all get better...

We just have to take care of each other, even if they are different than us by race, gender, sexuality and, yes, politics...

Unless you're a piece of shit, in which case go fuck yourself.   

EDIT: and the solution is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as the new requirements in school, and encouraging Arts & Humanities (which includes literature and writing) on the side, and the need for trade.

Sad Slumps


I'm writing this on my phone. Okay some of it is actually with spoken word to cuz I hit that little microphone thing on the phone but hey that's pretty cool.

 I am calling this one "Sad Slumps" because I'm not registered to say Depression, and I believe when it comes to sadness, or any emotion, even anger, we have different ways to cope.

For me, the longest time has been to beat myself over it. I talk myself out of so many things, even if it's things i might be good at, or bad at that would be funny to talk about.  

I have had these waves growing up, I always had moments of despair and sadness, but always tried to hide it with comedy, but it's just a weird thing to say "I'm having problems fighting back" 

It's hard finding something that works, and I tried, this includes writing, which I could claim to be alright at. But what good is writing without readers? What good is any project unless it's just for your own self? That has been the battle for so long, if I didn't take it out on me, it was this feeling of taking it out on people and things, to make yourself feel better...

 But then, you try and surround yourself with positive, things you enjoy, and you realize, objects, things, they only make you happy when you give it meaning, if there is no meaning, what good is it?

Trying to fight negative, especially in a world as chaotic as ours, rarely brings out the best in people, I know there is good out there, I know there is positive, but often, it's just a feeling of doubt, in yourself, and in others. 

 For the longest time, I saw it in waves, the happy goes up, then down. The sad shows up, much like a storm, but not like the kind that has the rainbow, that crappy one that is just pounding of rain that barely gets you sleep. That kind.

And usually, I was really good at detecting when it shows up - middle of the month, week before birthday, August 27th (I have no idea why that specific date either). At first I thought it was creative crashes. 

I love writing and telling jokes, but when I crash, it isn't a writers block, it's like a writer's Mac truck, slamming right into you... And no way to prevent it. 

But over the years, I realized it wasn't the lack of ideas, it's the off-balance



I think when it comes to my life, at least in terms of my goals and needs, these are the three that I focus on the most.

Social - Friends, Love, etc. I think I'm pretty bad at love. Not because I'm incapable, but because that doubt of "people are saying this to make you feel better" or just out of pity. This is stuff with friends, if they invite me to things, mostly I say no, not because I hate them or their event, but it's given the other two situations. It makes me feel terrible, but also the anxiety kicks in of "you have no friends because of this"

Creative - I could say "Day Job" as well to this, so I'll put it here too, but mostly it's projects. I want to write something, or come up with an idea, but as it turns out, this is the one section that is messing with me the most. I don't know what to do, the joke is now "everybody has a podcast" so I should probably not do one, which means do a Livestream, but what do I do then? And that's where it jumbles, even if it's not online, this hits me, would this be a good joke? What would make me a better host? Actor? And it kills me, not just because little to no feedback, but because the case of "never feeling good enough", I have yet to experience the next step in this called "imposter syndrome" but I will chalk it to really bad luck.

Limits - Well, that's everything else, financially, I can't go to Disneyland or have an annual pass, I barely squeak by with my finances as is, l am right now in that cusp of "about a hundred bucks" in my account, that then when I tell people "I don't drive" I just have to tell them "Uber is cheaper" (when you consider things like leasing, gas, insurance, and any problems like a new set of tires) it's out of the question...

which also hurts in the case of dating.

The worse news? I'm in LA, if this was like San Fran or New York City, I wouldn't be in a mess, but that's my own problem, that I hopefully can fix.

Anyway, so then you go on social media, rather it is Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat and it's your friends and or respected creatives and they are at South by Southwest, or WonderCon or Game Developers Conference or PAX, and you are happy for them (because you are) but then you get this feeling of "you aren't good enough, they did it, not you" and then you come up with a thousand reasons why you didn't come (even if things like money and reliable transportation are kind of actually the case)

Presently, I have nothing going for me...

I wish I could say I'm working on a show, or creating a fun game, even writing something that's not just a wall of really depressing text. But nope. NADA. zero. zilch.  

It's the way things were meant to be, at least right now, maybe it's a sign to take things easy, find my real passions, but it's a feeling I can't say I enjoy. .. Almost would say hate.

But I do have knowledge, that this, rests on me and nobody else. Because when you see the world wide web and this world of negative emotion, the protocol is to blame everybody but yourself. 

That's what creates pick-up artist culture, that what's creates school mmassacres, and in many ways, that's also why many failed entertainers go into conservative talk radio...

Oh are you offended I compared conservative talk radio hosts with school massacres? The people who cry about crisis actors and how  the mainstream media and colleges are "biased" because they can't tell that great black-guys-act-like-this joke without coming across a bit racist?  The ones saying Mister Rogers made our kids "entitled" Those people?

Anyway, I'm not those people, it's nobody but my own that's why I'm in the situation I'm in. It's similar to poker and you just gotta figure out what you're good at... And that I'm trying to figure out right now. ..

And then I gotta think back to Nightwing...

So, a few times I've been asked "why are you obsessed with Nightwing" or "why do you like Nightwing?"

And besides the fact we are both tall dudes with dark brown hair with bangs who eat cereal at night and tell jokes whenever possible, I would Have to redirect to the first time I actually read Kyle Higgins' New-52 Run of Nightwing. 

By now, you know about fear toxin, if you've seen Batman Begins, created by the scarecrow to showcase the biggest fear, and we'll, in one scene we see Grayson's biggest fear and it's this: 



His head is telling him all sorts of negative things, a feeling of letting his family and friends down, a fear of failure...

As hokey as a "nooooo" is, this page was what really got me connected into this character, because it mirrors my biggest nightmares as well. 

I don't think I'll ever be good enough, but I don't want to feel worthless either... 

It feels exploitative to bring it public, but that's just the way things are, at least to me. 

No other fictional character has mirrored by beliefs, and fears at the same time quite like Nightwing.

And I think I buy these little figurines and comics just to see a character I connect with does in situations I obviously would never be able to do (because, ya see, it's FICTIONAL) 

 Even though my computer is laggy, almost on the verge of death, I'm going to try my best to Livestream a bit more, and

Here's where I feel alright. 

It's on Twitch. I called it "Night Night" but really it could be called anything. 

You could watch it here

The experiment is simple - livestream 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. From 8pm PST to 10pm PST (11-1 if east coast)

On the show, we take a look at the news of the day, whatever was trending, the great Memes created and anything else to fill a couple hours.

It's not a playthrough of a game, but we might play games with the audience, we might watch YouTube videos, check out what's going on in video games, have sideshows and field pieces (if it works out) and maybe interviews if I figure out how to get that to work. 

It's still going to look low-budget, but I think we have a few ways to go about things, rather it's drawing request, answering your questions, or just watching a gameshow and analyzing it.

This week, I'm trying to do things that set it a bit different from other streamers, I'm trying to do away with the conventional "game chair behind bluescreen playing game" and might want to try stand up behind curtain as I browse Reddit...

Is it a failure? Probably, I don't know, I think a few people watch it, maybe you should watch it too?

But I'm sick of telling people I'm streaming when nobody shows up, so maybe it's time to just say fuck it, make a train wreck, and see if that can't help me figure out what exactly should be in my "Patreon". 



Now to hug a big Kirby

My Birthday

So my birthday was March 1st, let's celebrate the last days of my twenties!


I still haven't celebrated it. I bought a cake for myself, but it's been a real shit show. It's been raining, I didn't go to a trampoline park, like I wanted, I didn't go to Dave & Buster's like a normal weirdo, I tried to see Black Panther, but I got food poisoning and had to leave.

I was trying to come up with a positive way to say "I had to walk out of black panther" without making it sound like I hated the movie, but damn.

I think this year, which should be the year I finally get that victory, at least according to many experts, is more like a year I just, give up.

I hate to say give up, because it sounds depressing, but I said "fuck it" and tried so many things, that I'm interested in, but then something happens to just mess it up.

I really don't know what to do. So I decided to do simple, I am good at analyzing game shows and writing. (Even if the grammar is bad) . And when you get older, more and more you feel like nobody is around to stop you from stupid things...

So I decided to do a small twitch project called "Scripted Unscripted". That's just showing off two of my talents (somewhat).

The "Main" is writing, i get suggestions from the twitch chat and make a script, rather it's long form or a short skit, and I just get that writers block live on screen. Rather it's adapting a video game, creating a comedy bit, or a comic book. It's about the writing, and the mistakes generally made.

But when that block hits, or that wear down happens, there is there "Unscripted" part, that might be copyright infringement, but I do think it is analysis and commentary, where we take an episode of a game show (or reality comp) and try and break it down, tell a few jokes, and analyze the production to make something, what "works" and what "doesn't work" with a few fun bits on there.

I usually clock these at 3 hours, and I'm thinking Monday Wednesday Friday starting at 8pm PST, but times could be earlier or later or cancelled. 

Yeah, it's not really playing video games, but I think writing on camera is really tough, because you have various ideas and conflicts of where things go, that it's fun to talk it out loud.  

I hope you join me over at

And ask questions over at

I got a new phone


So I got a new phone. Good news, it works well. Bad news, gotta get back my contacts.

But I also learned you could write on the phone now. So hey, i could update now on a call phone... The future is now! 



I also opened up a curious cat so now you could ask away instead of on sarahah (plus you can now leave the same compliments as usual)

I had a big article about reality competitions but ill save it some other time... It got deleted in a shut down.